How to Keep Smartphones Safe and Durable?

Mobile phones and tablets have become essential gadgets to every household and official setup. Much of the tasks are performed online and instead of keeping desktops and laptops, phones are seen in every hand to complete the assigned job. The protection, security, and endurance of the phone or tablet is thus an important aspect to keep your data safe away from hackers and keep your phone in working condition for a longer period. Smartphones are necessary for daily use however, much-exposed information through these phones can also result in the spread of misinformation that people are becoming victims of. Here are some common tips to safeguard your phone and increase its durability.

Keep Your Phone Updated

Many viruses and malfunctioning occur within a smartphone/tablet when phones are not updated properly. Do not wait for company-generated up-gradation notifications and try to keep your phone technologically updated on your own. The updated software mostly offers better security for the smartphone and allows better features to be used within the already working system.

Keep a Backup

Many students and office workers do not keep the data backup and their phone is the only source of data storage. In case your phone stops working or gets stolen, then all your information is gone. To avoid such a situation, always keep a data backup. Either synchronize all your data with your cloud drives or keep it safe on a hard disk so that you never lose your important information.

Do Not Give Access to Your Location

Many times we keep our location open on our phones. This makes location tracking easier. Though it may benefit you to locate your loved ones, location access also can be used for negative purposes. Unnecessary people may track you down easily if your location tracking in, and thus you are much more prone to getting into the troublesome situations through certain features of your phone.

Limit Connectivity Features

Wireless connectivity is a common feature in smartphones; however, if you keep on connecting your phone to every other open network, it might get dangerous for you. Any device that’s enabled to send data across the airwaves is a potential security concern. Always switch off your wireless connection when it’s not in use. Apart from helping you save on battery power, it ensures that malicious parties can’t connect to a device without your knowledge and cause a security threat to your device.


Since smartphones are like our document and data keepers, we have all our contacts stored in it, all our photos in them, our documents, files, etc. thus they should be kept in working condition and should be durable. to increase the durability of the phone, follow the given tips;

  • Do not give your phone to others, especially strangers
  • Avoid giving your phone to children
  • Do not install unlicensed apps
  • In case of any physical damage, show your phones and tablets to an efficient mobile technician, or iPad repair shop.
  • Lock your phones and tablets using PINS or pattern locks.
  • Keep your phones/tablets a one-handed use.

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