Getting Google verification Code without Even Requesting? – Solution for the Same.

Are you receiving Google verification codes without even asking for it? Well, if any such thing happens then make sure not to click on the link you receive and also not to share the Google verification code to anybody. Code by Google is usually a small numeric digit codes which the users receive when they are looking for subscribing to some email or some phone number and is basically for verification purposes from the side of Google. The code is sent so that the person can prove their identity and can prove that you are the actual owner of the account. 

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If you are thinking that Google might have sent the code by mistake or randomly then let us tell you that no, the Google never does any such thing. You will only receive a Google my business verification code when you have requested for one. And if you are not the one who requested for the code then it is possible that somebody else has asked for the code via your number either by mistake or intentionally to hack your account. There are some instances or situations where you might get the code without even asking but such cases are rare.

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Reasons why Google might be Sending you the Verification Codes –

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If Google has detected some suspicious sign in activities for your activity then it will send you Google code in order to confirm that you are the person who is trying to log in to your account from some other device or system. 

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If someone has made some changes in your account then also you will see that Google will send you the code for the same to confirm that you are only person making the changes. The changes which are trying to be made in the phone number, verification email, password or other such details. 

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Google will also send you Google business verification code or even a normal code even when you are trying to log into your account again from an old device. Now you must be wondering why such thing happens then let us tell you that this happens when you have cleared your cookies from the browser then the login will be a fresh login so you do not need to panic if this is the case. 

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We hope the reason and the information provided by us was of help to you and you could use it for your work.

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