How to get cute color braces

If you’re tired of the same old style, or if you just want to try something different, you might want to consider braces with color. Though they aren’t available everywhere, they are offered by many orthodontists around the country. While traditional braces may be more affordable in the long run, color braces do offer certain advantages that may make them well worth the extra money up front. Here’s what you need to know about getting cute color braces, including why some people find them so appealing and how much they can cost when all is said and done.

What type of braces are you getting?

There are many types of braces, and chances are there’s a fit for you. If your dentist or orthodontist suggested that you get metal braces, you’ll need to be prepared for a very noticeable appearance: Metal brackets can show through your lips, around your tongue and on parts of your gums. If they’re not properly aligned, they can also cause damage inside your mouth as well. For more esthetic types of braces such as clear aligners (also called invisible or aligner therapy), teeth may remain in place during treatment with minor adjustments along the way.

Find a Braces Consultant

If you want cute color braces, it’s important that you find a good orthodontist who can help you understand what it takes to achieve your goal. One of the first steps in finding a great orthodontist is checking out online reviews for them. If someone who has been through their treatment processes says they are really nice and communicative, that’s an added bonus. You should also call around, compare prices, and make sure your orthodontist offers the options that work best for you—in terms of their experience with different procedures as well as patient satisfaction rates.

Do your research

Most orthodontists have a particular brand of braces they prefer for most patients, and you may be able to choose from their existing line. If you’re uncomfortable with what your orthodontist has suggested, look up an Invisalign specialist in your area who is trained in using clear aligners instead of traditional metal or ceramic brackets. You can then ask if he or she offers a variety of cute colors. From purple and blue to red and pink, there are now many different options when it comes to clear aligners and cute color braces. Just remember that more isn’t always better: Purple might be adorable on some people but not others, so make sure you do your research and go with something that complements your complexion best.

Before the appointment

Call your orthodontist and ask them what they recommend. If you don’t have an orthodontist, search for one in your area that provides a consultation. This gives you an opportunity to tell your orthodontist what you want (and show them pictures) before committing. Once you find someone, take a look at their website and see if they provide some way of seeing past work so that you can visualize how your teeth will look when finished.

At the appointment

Don’t freak out when you first see your orthodontist. Take a deep breath and remember: The orthodontist is there to help you, not judge you. Tell your doctor what your biggest concerns are. Are you concerned about how much time it will take? What’s your pain tolerance? What about self-consciousness about metal in your mouth? Don’t be afraid to voice all of these concerns—if your orthodontist isn’t sensitive to them, he or she won’t be able to make appropriate recommendations for best braces color. Also, remember that at each appointment, a new colored band will replace an old one on your braces—so don’t think that they’ll never come off!

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