How to fix Bellsouth Email not working on iPhone?

Fix Bellsouth Email not working on iPhone?

Won’t be able to access your Bellsouth Email account on your Iphone or other devices and wish to resolve it?

What if we say we have the answer to your query?

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Yes, in this article, we will be covering the reasons behind Bellsouth email not working as well as provide you with the best way to fix this error known as BellSouth email not working on iPhone.

Reasons behind Bellsouth Email not working.

In our in-depth research resonating with the Bellsouth email, we have found out that    

These are the probable justifications behind Bellsouth Email not working issue. We have listed all the reasons which were leading you to Bellsouth email not working on iPhone.

Adequate Internet Connection 

First and foremost, make sure that your internet connection is fast and stable enough to access Bellsouth email as if your internet connection suffers to provide you the required speed and stability, then there are sure chances that you will encounter Bellsouth Email not working kind of issues.

Why Does My Bellsouth Email Not Working

Valid Bellsouth Email Credentials.

Second, check your Bellsouth email credentials and make sure you are inputting the correct username and password, as you know if either one is wrong, you will not be able to access your Bellsouth email account.

And if you have forgotten the password of your Bellsouth email account, and then simply click on the forgot password link to set up a new password.

Technical Glitch 

‘If your device has any technical glitch or any sort of technical issues then you may experience hurdles or errors while accessing your Bellsouth email account.

Why is my email not working on my Mac?

Cache and Cookies.

 The issue titled Bellsouth email not working on iPhone can also occur due to a lot of cache and cookies stored up on your preferred browser.


Best Way to Resolve Bellsouth Email not working.

As we have mentioned above, here is the best way to resolve the Bellsouth email not working error.


  • To fix the Bellsouth email not working issue, begin with heading to the General icon by accessing the settings app on your iPhone.
  • Now, you have to tap on reset, and after that reset settings and make sure that Bellsouth email has been set up well.
  • After that, you have to head to settings>Mail icon>Accounts and lastly Bellsouth email.
  • Now you have to enter the right credentials for the account and next check the Incoming and Outgoing Mail servers of the Bellsouth Account.


  2. Outgoing server-
  3. Outgoing port- 465
  4. Requires sign-in- Yes
  5. Incoming server-
  6. Incoming port- 993
  7. SSL incoming- SSL

How to Fix Bellsouth Email not working on iPhone?

After configuring the correct settings, there are very less chances that you may foresee issues such as Bellsouth email not working on iPhone and if the issue still persists and continues to frustrate you, then your last resort would be to contact the support team of Bellsouth.

Apart from it, you can also visit the Ityug247 website for fixes and solutions to various issues and trouble-causing errors.


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