How to Find the Best Internet Access Provider?

With internet users in India exceeding 560 million, this nation is now the second-largest internet market after China. Informed estimations suggest that the year 2023 could see even more growth for India, with the number of internet users expected to reach approximately 650 million. As such, if you are looking for an efficient internet service provider anywhere in the country, you are among a growing number of India’s internet users. 

Furthermore, as supply meets demand; India’s internet penetration rate as of 2020 clocked in at 50%. It is worth noting that 50% is a sharp rise from 27%, just 5 years prior. With 50% of the country now connected to the internet, if you are looking for a new internet connection in any major city in the country, you are bound to have more than a few options to pick from. Read further to know exactly what to look for in an efficient internet access provider. 

Where to Look 

Ironically, the internet is the best place to look for an internet access provider. A simple Google search using elementary search phrases like ‘wifi connection near me contact number’ will bring up all internet access services providers in your immediate area, with their contact numbers. But before you go ahead and make that call, here are some service features to look for when availing of a new internet access service.   

Physical Proximity 

After you have studied the search results of your wifi connection near me contact numberGoogle search, and have come up with potential service providers to pick from. It does work to your advantage to consider the service provider closest to you. An internet service provider that is based close to the point of service is in a better position to provide quick repair and maintenance services as and when required. This is especially true for large metropolitan cities in India. 

Speed Capacity 

If you have access to fiber internet connections in your city or town, you have access to better broadband speeds. Internet speeds are measured in MBPS, or megabits per second. Bits refer to tiny units of data transmitted over the internet. The more megabits you can pack into a second, the faster your internet connection. 

Many internet users in India continue to use DSL internet connections which are relatively slower. However, there is rising demand for fiber internet, and many major players in the telecommunications industry in India are working towards meeting that demand. 


Internet access providers have different access plans at varying price points to choose from when setting up a new internet connection. Payments to your service provider are made at the end of every month. Paying an installation fee is the norm. Installation charges cover the cost of hardware like Wi-Fi modems, and routers. Do consider pricing when selecting a service provider. 


Q: What determines the speed and quality of my internet connection? 

A: The type of connection you are using determines the speed and quality of your internet connection. Fiber connections are the fastest, DSL connections are comparatively slower, and dial-up internet is now almost obsolete. 

Q: How much MBPS speed is generally good for gamers?

A: 300 MBPS and above is often the recommended internet speed for gamers. 

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