How to Draw Elmo

How to Draw Elmo. Certain characters we know from our early years will hold a special place in our hearts.

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Of all these qualities, positive Elmo is one of the most well-known and beloved! This bright red character has delighted audiences for generations and is still very popular today.

Many of Elmo’s fans love depicting him in artwork; learning to draw Elmo can be helpful.

This guide will show you how to learn just that!

How to Draw Elmo

Step 1

In this first step of our guide on how to draw Elmo, we’ll start with his head. Starting at the top, you can use a small oval for her beak and add two rounded shapes at the top for her eyes.

You can then add some big dots in the eyes for their pupils. Then you can draw a jagged line from his eyes to outline his head.

Finally, for this step, you can use rounded lines for the mouth to give it a big smile!

Step 2

We’ll use some more jagged lines for this step of your Elmo drawing. This jagged line will help make Elmo nice and furry.

In this step, we will draw his first arm raised and waving. It will also have three fat fingers with a thumb, as shown in the reference image.

Step 3

In this third step of our guide to drawing Elmo, we will draw the other arm and chest. This arm rests against his chest, as shown in the reference image.

Then you can also draw a line for his chest. You’ll use more jagged lines for this step and the next to continue Elmo’s furry look.

Step 4

Now that you’ve created the head and arms of your Elmo design, we’ll start with the body in this step. To do this, use some jagged lines to shape her rounded tummy.

In the next steps, his legs will fill in two small gaps in the lower part of his body. Once you’ve tightened this element, you’re exemplary to go!

Step 5

In step five of our guide to drawing Elmo, we’ll add his first leg. The leg is drawn with a jagged curved line, making it look hairy.

This leg is bent with the Bottom on the Ground, as shown in the consideration image. Once you’ve drawn that leg, you can add the other leg and create some final details in the next step!

Step 6

This part of your Elmo drawing is about adding the final details and elements before moving on to the final phase of coloring.

First, draw the second stage for Elmos. This one will look very similar to the first one you made, except it will be lifted in the air to make it appear like it’s dancing.

This completes the details in this guide, but you should ensure to add all your details before proceeding!

You could add a background for your photo. You could recreate your favorite Sesame Street scene as wallpaper!

Look for some pictures of your favorite characters from the show to draw along with Elmo.

What fun details and additions can you think of before the final step?

Step 7

Now that you’ve completed this drawing, you can get some great colors in this step of our How to Draw Elmo guide!

Elmo is known for his bright coloring, and that’s what we were looking for in our reference image.

Also, his nose is a lighter shade of orange. This guide will give you a reference to use if you want to keep the colors exactly as they appear in the show, but there are many ways you can add your touches of color to the image!

Once you’ve designed a background, you can incorporate some of your favorite colors into this look to add some variation.

Even if you haven’t drawn a background, you can still paint some patterns and shapes with your colors to get even more beautiful colors.

Once you know how to colorize your Elmo drawing, you can use some of your favorite art mediums and tools to finish it.

You can use paints or colored pens and markers if you want the colors to be nice and bright. Watercolors and colored pencils, on the other hand, would be perfect for softer colors.

Your Elmo Drawing is Finished!


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