How to draw an apron

draw an apron

Apron mother has big eyes, black curly hair, wearing an apron, nagging and cute, here is the apron mother. 


  • Paper
  • crayons


  1. To draw an apron mother, you need a piece of paper and a few colored pencils.
  2. First draw a curved line on the paper with a black color pen to represent the hair shape of the apron mother.
  3. Inside the curved line, draw another curved line to represent the face and ears of the apron mother.
  4. On her face, draw two curved lines to represent her eyebrows.
  5. Below the eyes, draw a folded line to represent her nose.
  6. Below the nose, draw several intersecting arcs to represent the mouth.
  7. Draw three horizontal lines around the neck and arms to indicate the neckline and cuffs.
  8. Below the neck, draw two vertical lines and two broken lines for the apron and arms.
  9. Use the pastel crayon to lightly paint her face pink.
  10. Use a red pencil to paint its mouth red, and draw an oval on each side of its nose to represent its red face.
  11. Use an orange crayon to paint Apron Mama’s apron orange.
  12. Paint the apron mom’s top red with the red pastel.
  13. Finally, paint the apron mom’s hair black with a black color pencil, and the apron mom is finished.

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How To Draw A Little Girl In An Apron Step By Step How To Draw A Girl In An Apron

How to draw a little girl cooking in an apron? We often see mothers in the kitchen wearing aprons, so how do we draw the shape of mothers wearing aprons? The following editor will teach you. Amazon Discount Code NHS 

A pen, a piece of paper, colored brushes

  • First let’s draw the head of the girl in the apron. As shown below
  • Then we’ll draw the little braids of the apron girl’s hair. As shown below
  • Then we went on to draw the little girl’s facial features. As shown below
  • Then let’s draw the apron of the apron girl, here is the key point. As shown below
  • Then let’s draw the hands of the girl in the apron. As shown below
  • Then we move on to drawing the feet of the girl in the apron. As shown below
  • Finally, let’s paint the girl in the apron with beautiful colors, isn’t it very vivid, let’s draw it quickly


  • Painting can cultivate children’s patience and imagination, parents pay attention to guide children in a good way!
  • The editor has long-term writing experience, welcome to follow the editor to learn about the latest experience.

How to draw an apron with simple strokes

  • How To Draw An Apron Step By Step; Let’s Take A Look
  • First draw the lanyard of the skirt on the paper
  • Then draw the general outline of the apron
  • Then draw the bandage on the waist of the apron
  • Draw a pocket sea link in the middle of the apron
  • Finally, add color to the apron to complete the apron stick figure drawing

Apron mother’s simple strokes

Today we are going to draw the stick figure of the apron mother. It is simple and easy to draw. Let’s take a look at the specific drawing method.

  1. Start by drawing the head of the apron mom.
  2. Then draw the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth of the apron mom.
  3. Then draw the body and hands of the apron mother.
  4. Then draw the legs and feet of the apron mother.
  5. Finally, paint the apron mom and it’s done.

Beautiful Apron Drawing

When we are cooking, we always need to bring an apron so that our clothes will not be stained, so how to draw a beautiful apron stick figure? The following is to introduce the beautiful apron drawing method, I hope it will be helpful to you. eBay Discount Code NHS 


  • Software: drawing tools
  • Operating system: win7 system
  • Start by drawing a short horizontal line on the paper that will be the top edge of the apron. Baby Products
  • Draw a curved line on the left and right sides of the horizontal line.
  • Starting with the arcs on the sides, draw the bottom half of the apron.
  • Above the main part of the drawn apron, draw a double-lined strap.
  • Draw two straps on both sides of the apron as shown in the picture below.
  • Draw several small love shapes on the apron, and you can also draw other cute shapes according to your own preferences, such as small stars, small circles, etc.


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