How to Clean Your Commercial Kitchen: A comprehensive guide

Keeping your commercial kitchen clean is an essential component of any food service business. If you want to keep your guests coming back, it’s important to make sure that your kitchen is always neat and tidy. In some cases, this might mean having a cleaning crew come in once a week, while in others it may just be something that you tackle during your downtime on the evenings or weekend. Cleaning a commercial kitchen can be challenging, but with the right preparation and planning, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By following these steps, you can easily clean your commercial kitchen more efficiently and consistently.

Make a cleaning schedule

The first step in cleaning your commercial kitchen is to make a cleaning schedule. Make sure that every member of your staff is aware of their responsibilities in keeping the kitchen tidy and clean. If you have a large catering company with multiple kitchens, you may want to consider using a scheduling software. This will allow you to easily distribute chores and assign different tasks to different managers or team members. Using a scheduling software will also make it easier to accurately track who has completed what task and when. If you have a small business with only one or two people working in your kitchen, try to keep track of cleaning duties by writing it down on a calendar so you can be sure that everything gets done at the right time. Scheduling is an important part of keeping your kitchen clean because it prevents one person from being responsible for cleaning the entire space.

Keep your kitchen tools in order

Before you try to clean your commercial kitchen, you should make sure that all of your tools are in order. Try to organize your tools and utensils, so you can find them easily when you need them and keep them away from guests. You can keep your tools in drawers or on shelves, or even in containers on the wall. Make sure that your tools are clean and sanitized so that you don’t spread germs or bacteria through your kitchen. You can also try to keep your tools organized by type. For example, you can keep all your cutting boards together, or all the pots and pans that are used for boiling water together. This will make it easier to locate what you need quickly. This can be especially important for businesses that are in high-volume settings where efficiency is key.

Weekly cleaning checklist

Once you’ve organized your kitchen and put together a cleaning schedule, it’s time to get to work cleaning your commercial kitchen. Most experts recommend cleaning your kitchen at least once a week. This may vary depending on how much it gets used. If you have a busy restaurant, you may have to clean your kitchen more frequently than a catering company that only has one or two large events each week. Make sure that your cleaning routine includes the following areas.


Keeping your commercial kitchen clean and organized is essential to running a successful food service business. It’s important to make sure that your kitchen is always clean and ready to prepare food in a sanitary way. To do this, you need a cleaning routine that you can follow consistently. Try to clean your commercial kitchen once a week, or even more often if you are very busy. Make sure that you clean every area of the kitchen, including the floors, counters, and walls. Try to keep your tools organized and clean as described on mix priority, so that you don’t spread germs throughout your kitchen. With the right cleaning routine, you can maintain a clean kitchen that meets food safety standards and keeps your guests happy and coming back for more!

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