How to Clean a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

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Vaping is comparatively a cleaner way to use dried herbs than regular smoking. However, this does not imply that vaping is entirely safe. If you want a consistent, high-quality vaping experience, you should regularly clean your dry herb vaporizer. Every vape has its quirks, so reading the instruction booklet before cleaning your device is a good idea. However, if you are looking for how to clean a herbal vape, here is a quick guide.

Things You Will Need

Rubbing Alcohol 

The sticky thing accumulated in your vaporizer oven can be cleaned by alcohol as it is alcohol soluble.

Cleaning Tools 

It all comes down to the design of the vape you own. You may need cotton swabs, pipe cleaners, brushes, paper towels, and some alcohol wipes.

Wooden Pick

You can use a wooden pick to scrape off the resin before you jump into thorough cleaning. 


This may be needed when you soak intricate parts of your vaporizer.

Dissemble your Vaporizer

Several components of a vaporizer can be removed, such as a mouthpiece, stem, gaskets, and a lid. Disassemble your vaporizer, and if its battery can be removed, remove it as well. 

Clean its Removable Components

Most of your vaporizer removable components can be cleaned by soaking them in alcohol. Metal, glass, silicone, and porcelain can all be soaked in alcohol without any harm. Soak them in a bowl, and to release sticky resins, rubber and plastic components should not be left for long in alcohol, just dip and take them out. Ensure you rinse the alcohol right after it.

Clean Your Vaporizer Oven

After that, it’s time to clean the oven of your vaporizer. To break up the sticky resins, dip a brush or cotton swab into the alcohol and rub it around the oven. When a cotton swab has turned entirely black, discard it and replace it with a new one. The oven’s natural colour will begin to restore after a few minutes. It is important to remember that some discoloration in a metal or ceramic oven is expected; it is impossible to get rid of it totally.

Clean Your Vaporizer Vapour Path

If the oven is at the bottom of your vaporizer and it does not have a removable stem, the device will have a narrow vapour path leading from the oven to the mouthpiece. Using an alcohol-soaked pipe cleaner, clean the vapour route. Continue to pass new pipe cleaners through the device until one of them comes out clean.

Clean Your Vaporizer Body

The exterior of your vaporizer may get covered in dust, fingerprints, and pocket lint if you have been using it for a while. Those pollutants can be readily removed with an alcohol wipe or a microfiber cloth. If your device has ridges caked with dust, use a toothpick to scrape them off.

Reassemble Your Vaporizer

Your vaporizer should be fully clean and look brand new at this stage. It is time to reassemble everything. Remove any components still soaked in alcohol and rinse them thoroughly under running water. Before reassembling your equipment, dry everything with paper towels. You are now good to go!

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