How to Choose the Best Zeon Zoysia?

Are you tired of looking at your desolate lawn or want to make your lawn filled with green color but unable to do so because of climate issues or high prices of seeds? Then sod is the answer for you. A sod consists of grass with one inch of soil attached to it. It is grown at farms with experience, transported, and installed at the desired place. Sod can be used for private lawns, schools, businesses, golf courses, and sports stadiums. It is used to prevent erosion and to establish quick lawns. Spring and fall are the perfect time to lay sod. You should look for high-quality sod that can survive in your surrounding temperature, like zeon zoysia. Choosing the best sod providers and installation companies can be tricky as you want the best quality in an affordable range. An ideal sod should be easy to maintain, touch-friendly, drought-resistant, requires average fertilizers, and many more. Write for Us and SEO Backlinks Plans

Why Choose Zeon Zoysia Sod?

Ideal characteristics

An ideal sod should have an exceptional shade that is a deep dark green color that gives a soothing effect to the eyes. It should be able to survive dry spell days. Not all sod can adapt to every soil, so you should be very careful while buying any sod. Some sod like zeon zoysia can fully adjust to any soil. Fast spreading grass is an ideal quality that a person should be looking for because the main idea for using sod is to establish a quick lawn. Most sods are not resistant to pests, insects, and diseases; look for sod with these qualities. Everyone is busy in their lives; the least tension they want is regarding their lawns. So it is better to invest in good quality sod. A good sod should consist of vertical leaf posture, dense, finely bladed, and soft to the touch( barefoot friendly). 

Low maintenance

In today’s world, people are so busy that they do not have time for themselves. No one has time for grass, flowers, and nature in this busy life. It will be beneficial to get a sod that requires minimal to moderate maintenance, including zeon zoysia sod, centipede sod and centipede grass sod. Look for a sod that requires less fertilizer, less irrigation, and a minimum water need than other sod. A sod with deep roots can be more beneficial because it will help water retention. Sideway growing sod is preferred more than vertical growing sod because it will require less mowing than other sod. Before buying sod, search for a company that can provide you with the best services in an affordable range. Atlanta sod farms can be a place of interest as experience, reliability, affordability, guarantee, professionalism, and excellent customer support and service are the things you are looking for. 

Certified sod

Before buying sod, look for sod certified by the government because it will ensure you are buying the best sod that does not have any harmful effects. Unlike other sods, zeon zoysia is among some of the sods sold under certification. Only licensed certified consumers can produce and sell this turfgrass. 


Choosing the best sod can be a bit tricky. Gather all the information about sod and make a list. Content of the list should include heat tolerance, pest and disease resistance, water requirements, maintenance, texture, and many others. After that, select the sod that is more suitable for you and your climate. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How often should I water my zoysia grass?

It is necessary to avoid any harm to the grass. Zoysia needs only one inch of water every week. If you water it more often, it may not stay that healthy. Make sure that you water it for more extended periods and less frequently. The best time to water the grass is early morning. 

How do you keep zoysia grass healthy?

To keep your zoysia grass healthy, you must take the following steps: 

  • To spread the grass more rapidly, mow it short, almost equal to one inch. 
  • There should be a proper schedule to add the fertilizer. The best time is from May to August. 
  • Use light nitrogen fertilizer like 1 pound of nitrogen in 1,000 square feet of area. The application should also be light. 
  • The fertilization is required after every four weeks in the growing season. 

How do I green up my Zeon Zoysia?

To green up your zeon zoysia grass, you need a potent combination of nitrogen fertilizer and weed prevention. The fertilizer is best to be used in spring and summer. Nitrogen fertilizer is best because it offers weed prevention and encourages grass growth. 

Can you overwater Zoysia sod?

No, it is not good to overwater the sod because it can lead to the rotting of the roots. When the roots rot, the sod won’t be able to grow and spread, leading to sod failure. Try to water the sod in smaller amounts and with a proper routine. 

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