How to choose a solar panel installer


Are you looking for energy-efficient options for your home, office, or public space? Switching to solar panels would be a great choice. Most residents are opting for solar systems to power their houses. It is because of the multiple benefits that a solar system provides. Whether you are concerned about the cost of electricity or power outages, solar panels will rescue you from it. One of the most important aspects of installing a solar panel is hiring a qualified installer. You cannot install a solar panel on your own. It is not a DIY project. There are various solar installers Melbourne-wide. You should hire one of them but first ensure that they are Clean Energy Council Accredited. Here is a quick guide to help you hire a qualified solar panel installer. Make sure they fulfil the criteria.


It is undoubtedly one of the most important factors when purchasing a solar panel, but it may not concern you. This is the mistake that most residents make. They do not measure the pros and cons of a cheap solar panel and go for it merely to save a few bucks. Do not forget that a solar panel is a long term investment. You will have to depend on it for 20-30 years. It will pay you back gradually all that you have invested. Do not get scammed by installers who offer you cheap options. Cheap solar panels may save you some bucks, but they are often low quality. 


What kind of warranty does the installer provide? Would the company back you up in any case of damage? How long would that warranty last? How long can you enjoy services from them? These are some important queries that you should be well informed on. Ensure that you have a written guarantee from the installer that they will cover performance costs for 25 years. However, a solar panel performance guarantee is rarely provided by the supplier. The warranty that you can opt for is a solar panel product warranty. It should be for ten years at least.


A solar panel installed properly will not cause any issues in the long term. Hence, it would be best to look for someone good at their job. You should know about the kind of mounting system your contractor uses, how it looks, and ensure that it allows the air to pass under the panels. A 100mm gap is necessary between a roof and a panel. Also, panels should not be placed on the edges of the roof. This may cause them to overhang.


The kind of relationship you have with your contractor is important to consider when looking for solar panel installers. If you have maintained a good relationship, your problems will be resolved immediately, which will benefit both parties. It would be best to opt for a contractor you are comfortable with. Compatibility goes a long way. If you are curious, choose a contractor who will answer your queries with patience.

If you have read it till now and are still looking for a compatible solar panel installer, Sustainable has got you covered. Contact us for simple and easy solar solutions.

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