How to become famous on Instagram: Some tips from the best bloggers

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A list of suggestions of the best bloggers on how to become equally popular.

Most likely, it is not the niche or the delivery of the contents but the lack of consultancy of experts.

We prepared an article in which we collected hacks and life suggestions for a successful blogger so that they can follow their path. Or you could adapt these suggestions for your project.

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Use a beautiful profile photo instead of a logo

Your profile photo is the first thing your Instagram followers see before seeing your story and posts or clicking on your website through an active link in the header of your profile.

The faceless accounts are irrelevant: you have to publish your photos live and talk about yourself and your thoughts. People follow a person like a brand – becoming a brand, you can make money on Instagram.

Put your photo on your profile. People can follow bloggers, stick to their point of view, apply photographic skills, listen to advice on nutrition, exercise, and more. But in

In turn, they will look at the profile image. Your photo should stand out in the background, attract the eye, and be remembered; an artistic sketch is possible.

Update information in the profile header

Information in the profile or the “biography” is an essential topic for a potential subscriber. This is your business card. Use the critical search query to simplify you to find you, write down the USP, structure all the information on the brand, break it into blocks, and highlight the emoji’s.

If, when promoting a commercial account, you have to try to enter keywords in the username, so for a personal blog, you have to do precisely the opposite, these words will be rejected. Alternatively, use your name and surname.

Connecting a corporate account can add a special note to the profile: personal blog, public figure, blogger, etc. It seems attractive and will immediately clear to users what your page is.

Use an active clickable connection: add your website or connection to a convenient way to contact you. For example, Talk allows you to add more instant messengers.

Are you working on a new project or planning an event? Leave a link in your biography.

If you are a travel blogger, tell people in which country you are currently and where you will go. This allows potential subscribers to know what content can expect from you and inform current subscribers about your planned travel.

A blogger is mainly a journalist and copywriter who talks about her life. What is the news? What is interest? School, work, your wedding, travel, hobby: all this can be a source of inspiration for subscribers. If you are at home, you can also make exciting content.

See the accounts of your favorite subscriptions: what do they talk about in the stories, and what do they write in posts?

Find your niche

 Blogs on various topics are popular on Instagram: travel, lifestyle, business, promotion, beauty, fashion, and much more.

Decide on a blog topic. To promote a blog, it is essential to understand your destination audience and create posts that will be of interest to them.

Analyze your season tickets, hobbies, and skills: choose a direction in which you are strong. Do you know how to set the light, place the model in the frame and take photos? If you feel your potential as a photographer, start a blog on photography.

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