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How to Become a Window Washer

If you want to become a window washers, you have to have a few essential things. These include certifications and tools to work on windows. Learn more about these requirements here.

Certification requirements

Whether you’re planning to go into the window cleaning industry or are already in it, you need to know about certification requirements. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets standards for the industry. They also work with the Building Owners and Managers Association to ensure that the industry stays safe.

There are a number of safety regulations for high-rise window cleaning. These require the use of safety equipment. For example, if you’re cleaning windows on a tall building, you’ll need to use a ladder. In addition, you’ll need to wear protective clothing, like gloves. You’ll also need to make sure that your squeegee bars are secure.

The best way to ensure that your employees are prepared for the task is to provide them with proper training. This can be done through classroom and on-the-job training. However, you may not want to hire people who are new to the industry.

If you want to hire a professional window cleaning company, you need to look for one that has been certified by the International Window Cleaning Association. This organization has been certifying cleaners for years.

Tools used by window washers

A new study from the Occupational Safety Health Administration found that over the last 15 years there have been 88 window washing accidents, 62 of which involved deaths. For a relatively small number of window cleaners and their kin, that’s a lot of lives lost. Aside from the sheer numbers, the odds of getting hurt while cleaning windows are very high. To make matters worse, window cleaning companies do not always have insurance. This can mean a fine if you are injured on the job.

The best way to protect yourself is to make sure your employer is up to the task. They are required to have workers compensation insurance. If you are lucky enough to be employed by a company that doesn’t, you may still be able to receive benefits. A reputable company will also be happy to give you a free consultation.

In the end, there is no substitute for hard work and a little caution. A good safety checklist can go a long way.

Awkward moments of window washers

The window cleaning industry has been around for over a century. It’s also been plagued with scandals like the “twenty somethings” and infamous nanny slashers. That’s not to say there haven’t been a few nifty tidbits along the way. One of the more intriguing is a “wrinkle free” window cleaning company in Edmonton. And if that weren’t enough to get your attention, a window washer dangles several floors above the sidewalk while doing his or her thang.

The industry hasn’t always been so rosy, however. Take, for instance, the two men who were washing windows on the 50th floor of 30 Hudson Yards. That’s an impressive feat in and of itself. The man was a second generation German immigrant, a goatee-sporting, 41-year-old with a name to match. His name is Louis Hock and he’s a shop steward for Local 32BJ. For a moment, it seemed that he was the only one on the job.

A couple of years later, the aforementioned tidbit became a real-life case study. The two men were at the helm of a new tidbit-worthy window washing company called the Cleaner’s Alliance.

Skyscraper window washers

Skyscraper window washers are workers who clean the windows of tall buildings. The job can be dangerous because it involves hanging hundreds of feet above the ground. In addition, the work requires specialized gear and is often performed during windy conditions.

A window washer must be physically fit and have good balance. In addition, they must complete safety training courses. They must also be careful to avoid excessive winds and rain.

Most window washing companies require workers to pass a hands-on test to be certified. They also offer demonstrations of the actual cleaning process. Some companies require workers to undergo supervised training for several months.

If you are interested in applying for a job as a skyscraper window washer, you must first know the job’s risks and safety precautions. Depending on the job’s requirements, you may need to wear a helmet or use a portable davit. You can also find out about the equipment you will need to do the job.

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