How to apply for Indian Medical Visa online


The Indian medical visa and the associated medical visa form are used by most Indian citizens and others to secure a visa to India to visit for tourism, medical treatment, or study.  The medical visa is an official document issued by the Indian embassy or consulate under the authority of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of India.  The medical visa form is also known as the medical visa application form or simply the medical visa form.  The following factors typically help a medical visa applicant to receive a visa: the applicant needs a valid passport or travel document at the time of travel and an invitation

The Indian visa is a document certifying that a foreign national is allowed to enter the country for the purpose that is stated on the visa.

Indian Medical Visa Application

The purpose of the Indian Medical Visa is to provide a foreign national with the authority to seek and receive medical treatment in India.  IMVs are issued by the Indian Embassy or Consulate in the country the applicant is visiting.

For most countries, Indian medical visas are not required. However, for some countries, particularly Australia, Canada, Ireland or the UK, getting an Indian medical visa is a complex process and it may be difficult for unskilled applicants to navigate the process.

An Indian medical visa is an official document used by an Indian citizen to enter India and obtain permission to stay for a specified period of time.  An Indian medical visa enables the holder to travel to India to receive medical treatment, receive higher education, or take up professional employment.  When applying to an Indian consulate for an Indian visa, an applicant must have a passport or travel document to prove who they are.  When submitting their application, they must show that they have permission to enter India.

India Medical Attendant Visa 

Indian Medical Attendants are non-physicians who provide medical care for patients. They work in hospitals and clinics and deliver healthcare services in the community under the supervision of physicians. Shilpa Vora is an Indian medical attendant. She was denied a visa by the US embassy in November 2015, as President Obama had instituted the Global Travel Distance rule. In trying to get the visa, Vora and her husband argued that as a medical attendant, Shilpa Vora had been providing valuable services on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic and was thus eligible to immigrate to the USA.


Medical Attendant Visa for India: You must apply for an extension of your Medical Attendant Visa prior to your departure from India. If you are unable to apply for an extension, you are required to return to India within 60 days of the expiration date on your current visa. Medical Attendant Visa for India is a visa to be issued to applicants who work in hospitals, clinics, or similar healthcare facilities for the purpose of providing health care to patients in such facilities.


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