How to apply for India visa for New Zealand citizens

Indian Visa Application for New Zealand Citizens



For New Zealand passport holders, the Indian EVISA is an electronic visa introduced in 2014 to facilitate entry into the country for tourism, business, and medical purposes or to accompany someone undergoing medical treatment in India.


The Indian government has introduced an electronic visa system so that many countries can get online visas to enter India. As one of the eligible countries, an Indian Visa for New Zealand citizens can apply for an online. Indian e-Visa for New Zealand can be used as an electronic equivalent of a regular visa. Applicants can choose a type of e-visa that matches their travel needs. Available include tourist, business, and transit e-visas.


Indian Visa Application for New Zealand Citizens


Getting a visa for India is now much easier and faster because the applicant no longer has to stand in endless lines at diplomatic posts in his home country. Instead, all New Zealand citizens can fill out an online application form and receive their approved Electronic India Visa within 72 business hours. It’s as simple as that!


New Zealand citizens can apply for E-VISA in India. Nowadays, the most convenient and fastest way to get an Indian Visa (ETA) is with a low visa fee. Applying for an E-VISA online may be the shortest and fastest way for anyone who wants to get an Indian visa.


How long can New Zealand citizens stay in India with e-Visa?


It is now easy to apply for an India visa from New Zealand online. New Zealand citizens can apply for one of the 3 available Indian visas available online. Depending on the visa selected, the holder can stay in India for different periods:


E-Tourist Visa: This type of visa can be issued to New Zealand citizens for India if their travel needs are related to tourism or if they wish to visit family and friends living there. The e-tourist visa is issued for 1 year, and its holder is allowed to stay for a total of 90 days, either in a row or spread over several visits.


E-Business Visa: If you are a New Zealander who wants to conduct business in India, this visa is for you! Holders of e-business visas can stay in India for a total of 180 days with one-year validity. These 180 days can be either a single location or can be extended to numerous entries across the country.


E-Medical Visa: Triple-entry visa can be issued to travelers in India for 4 months due to medical reasons. Holders are allowed to stay in India for a total of 60 days, either for a single stay or spread over 3 separate trips.




Apply online, once you complete the online operation form. The process is completely online. Once your order is successful, we will help you process your visa in India within 4 working days under the agreement of the Immigration Department in India. When the traveler receives his / her Indian e-tourist visa, he/she must bring a copy of it with him/her when he/she travels as it has to be shown to the Indian Immigration and Border Control officials upon arrival. Indian officials will verify the traveler’s information and then take the applicant’s fingerprints and photographs. Once all this is done, an entry sticker will be affixed to the applicant’s passport so that they can officially enter the country.


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