How Much Money Can You Earn With Your App In 2022?

You may have overheard people discussing how they are developing the upcoming popular app. For some reason, the “app” is referenced as a stand-in for achievement.

We’re here to provide you with specific instructions on how to monetize your application, so read on.

2022 is a challenging year, but it’s also a year to learn how to rely on oneself. Making a mobile application is currently the most effective way to accomplish that. According to, usage of Google Play Store apps significantly increased in the second quarter of 2020. More than 96% of these programs could be used without cost.

According to our analysis, users are using applications, but only 5% are willing to pay for them. So how exactly do free apps generate revenue?

Let’s start from scratch.

How Do You Make A Successful App?


Before continuing to read, keep the following information in mind. Free apps account for most of the global application economy compared to paid apps. The global app market is estimated to be worth billions of dollars. Free app sales are anticipated to rise shortly.

So, how do you make a practical application? The steps you must take are as follows:


  • Research your rivals thoroughly. Don’t jump into the development process before you know your competitors.


  • Start with a thought. Understand the issue you’re trying to solve. Determine the product or service your app can provide to address this issue. Finally, create a list of the features your app will have.


  • The next step is to decide between iOS and Android as the platform. Analyze and compare them.


  • Verify the SDKs, tools, and languages for developing apps. Objective-C, Swift (both for iOS), Kotlin, Java (both for Android), etc., are a few examples of this.


  • Choose between launching a hybrid app, a Flutter app, or a native app.


  • Calculate the development expense based on the application’s complexity. The price would largely depend on the design’s complexity, the software development stage, etc. if it were a messaging application.


  • No matter how limited your budget is, you must devote a significant portion of it to the app’s graphic design. Users are drawn to the graphics like nothing else.


  • Locate a reputable software outsourcing business. It’s common knowledge that hiring an entirely new tech partner is more expensive than outsourcing.


  • Utilizing an App Cost Calculator, the final step is determining the development cost. The following formula can also be used to calculate it on your own:

Total App Development Cost = App Development Time x Hourly Rate

Advice: Once you have an estimated cost, try to lower it by researching the various app development payment models and each step that goes into them.

How to Earn Money from iOS and Android Apps?

Professional app developers will always advise you to choose a monetization strategy that will be effective for your audience. You’ll need to stay informed about the following methods of app monetization for both Android and iOS:

  • Paying Apps
  • App Store Purchases
  • Freemium design
  • Model of subscription
  • Within-App Marketing
  • Monetization of partnerships or sponsorship

Paying Apps


First, let’s examine the distinction between paid and free apps:

  • While paid apps require high development costs, free apps only need minimal costs.


  • Paid apps always see fewer downloads, whereas free apps frequently get more user attention and are downloaded more often.


  • When users pay for an app, they have reasonably high expectations. Therefore, having flawless mobile app development would be ideal. Users typically expect an exemplary interface from a free app. Your free app can remain in use if it receives some positive reviews.


  • You have a lot of future monetization options with free apps. In contrast, paid apps have fewer opportunities for monetization and require a monthly/annual fee.

App Store Purchases

This is the most straightforward and logical response to your query, “How to make money developing free Android apps?”

Your application is excellent; it has great graphics, impressive features, and an excellent user interface. See now how this app generates revenue.

You can include extra functionality, more redeemable points, or in-app Money. The two primary categories of in-app purchases are:

Consumable: These are goods that a user can buy and consume through the application. Consumable items include virtual Money, redeemable points, health points, and so forth.

Non-consumable goods are those that, once purchased, cannot be returned. Games, maps, and other non-consumable items are a few examples. Additionally, that is how ad-free free apps generate revenue.


It falls under the category of in-app purchases.

It is intended for apps with high user engagement. A subscription is a much better kind of in-app purchase. Netflix and Spotify are two apps that use subscription-based business models to monetize.

Model Freemium

In this model, the free application provides users with the essential features. Users must pay extra to access a few additional features. It would still reach a larger audience even if only 5% of your audience purchased the premium version.

Cloud services, educational programs, photo-editing programmes, etc., are the best candidates for the Freemium Model (Free + Premium).

It also works well with games where players must pay a small fee for all the features to enjoy themselves fully.

Within-App Marketing

That is by far the most effective way for the app to monetize. You can obtain one of three types of in-app advertisements for your application:

The CPV (Cost per view) model considers how frequently your app users watch the video ads.

The CPC (Cost per Click) model is based on how often your app ads are clicked.

Installations are the basis for the CPI (Cost per Install) model.

However, you must consider the kind of ads that will be shown on your app before purchasing any of these models. Remember that the ads must load quickly and be pertinent to your audience. User experience suffers from annoying and irrelevant ads that make users impatient.

The question of how much money apps make per ad now arises.

That depends on the application and the kind of ad unit. There are four different kinds of ad formats that you can use: native ads, interstitial ads, banner ads, and video ads.

There is always a difference between the amount you receive on an Android app and the amount you receive on an Apple app, regardless of the advertisement type. Apple pays better, of course. For example, in the United States, the revenue per download for an Android app is $.01875, while it is $.1 for Apple and $.1538 for Microsoft.

Monetization of a partnership or sponsorship

Another good way to make money with your app is through sponsorship. It is also referred to as partnership monetization or influencer marketing. These days, social media sites like Instagram are very commonplace with it. The cost of the app is estimated by many IT consulting firm NYC.

Therefore, if your brand, videos, or app are already well-known in the market, you can work as an influencer for another company. This way, businesses will contact you to market their products using your mobile app. The best part of this monetization is that it will benefit you both in the long run.

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