How it Feels to Work at a Australian Vape Shop


I used to think it would be interesting to work at a vape store, and that was before I ever did. I finally had the chance to work in one, and it’s a job I like!

Work at a Australian vape store requires a certain level of expertise, and this begins before you even start looking for a job. To do this job properly, you need to know a lot more than just how to use your own vaping device, or even a few different ones, which we all know well. A terrific method to obtain that type of expertise and something that I did just for enjoyment when I didn’t have this job was simply watching movies on all the new gadgets and juices that were coming out. I was able to pick up a lot of useful information that I later put to use in an application for a job thanks to this.

When you start working in the vaping sector, you realise how little you know about vaping compared to the folks who truly make a living from it. At least in my own experience, I entered the field with the impression that I was well-versed in the subject matter, only to rapidly learn that there was much more to learn. With the vaping market always evolving, there is a lot to study, comprehend, and teach oneself about anything from hardware to liquids. In a pleasant change of pace, I found myself working behind the bar rather than in front of it, where I had a clear view of everything. Training’s initial few days are exciting, but there’s a lot to learn from your instructor.

After the first training period, you will become the go-to person for guidance from your consumers. Starting off is always nerve-wracking because you want to make sure you’re helping folks with the correct equipment and juice. Vape shop employees have one of the unusual occupations in which the client relies on them to do their job correctly 80% of the time. Customers who are new to vaping require me to ask them certain questions so that I can recommend the best device for them. I have to ask a load of generic style questions and have a grasp of what gadgets will provide them the experience they are searching for. But I still have to make sure the juice tastes good to them. Asking the staff at your local vape shop any questions you may have is always a smart idea because we know a lot of information and are skilled at identifying what’s suitable for each individual client. I won’t state that we’re flawless, but we have a lot of experience and expertise, so please consult with us if you need any assistance.

Naturally, there is more to doing a good job at a vape store than merely assisting clients. We love interacting with our consumers and consider them to be the best part of our business. Inspiring stories of clients’ successes in kicking the habit are a big part of what makes our work worthwhile; we get to help individuals every day by giving them the tools they need to lead better lives. The other stuff that goes on behind the scenes is, of course, keeping the shop clean and tidy, making sure we are up to date with our inventory ordering, filling our shelves when everything comes in, and, most importantly, having the products the customers need. This is the boring part, but it’s necessary so that we can give our clients the finest service possible. There’s a lot of excitement in keeping up with the latest innovations in the marketplace, as we never know when a game-changer may be released that will radically improve our consumers’ shopping experiences.

Additionally, we engage in extensive inter-store communication. We may not share an office, but that doesn’t stop us from conversing, asking questions, and coordinating stock moves across locations to better serve our consumers. Over the weekend, I may be at the Caboolture store, where I stock an item that a client at the Banyo store desperately needs. I’ll then personally carry the merchandise from Caboolture to Banyo for that one individual buyer. When a client needs help, we go above and beyond to accommodate them; this may require us to make unscheduled visits to and from stores, but the satisfaction of helping someone out makes the extra effort worthwhile.

When clients come in who already know they like us and want to hang around and chat, that’s one of the finest feelings ever. Everybody here is having a great time, and we appreciate the chance to interact with our loyal clientele. As much as possible (it’s not always easy), we make an effort to learn and use everyone’s name, and we ask that they do the same for us. This blog article right here is another aspect of our jobs that many of us appreciate; we get to educate our clients everything we wished we had known when we first started vaping.

At Australia, this is what it’s like to work in a vape store. We all share a genuine enthusiasm for the work we do, and it shows. The number of Super Vape Stores is on the upswing, so if you think you’d fit in here, feel free to send in an application. We’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic people that appreciate what they hear, know what they’re talking about, and like assisting others in a customer service position. Super Vape Stores are opening up all over the place, so if you think you may want to shop at one, keep your eyes out for when one opens up in your neighbourhood.

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