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How is Game Development as a Career Option?

Game development is the process of creating  video games, be it for the mobile or computer. The act of game design involves devising the gameplay and mechanics involved in a video game in order to satisfy players. Video game developers are typically distinguished from software engineers or computer programmers because they focus on creativity, artistry, and playing games rather than constructing them.

So what do you need to have a successful career in the digital field? If you want your work to contribute to gaming culture, then you’ll need passion for what you’re doing and how it will affect others. You’ll also want an aptitude for creative thinking, along with skill-building abilities mostly in programming languages.

What is the Work of a Game Developer?

The work of a game developer involves turning design ideas into a unique video game. Video game designers are adept at producing animation and sound effects. However, independent developers are also in charge of the level design, audio, and character assets. However, AAA studios have very precise requirements for their game developers.

In some cases, designers and developers might work together. You might wish to invest some time in creating and developing character styles before bringing the final concepts to life in the game.

When in comes to game development you’ll need a strong understanding of how to design and code complex algorithms. Knowledge of 3D animation tools and advanced mathematics for physics simulation is highly desirable in this industry as well. A portfolio showcasing your 3D skills will be necessary when interviewing for any position in this field, which may include modeling and texturing techniques, plus lighting and camera work. You’ll also want to know your way around design programs like Maya and Zbrush or Mudbox as well as Photoshop or GIMP, which can enhance your sense of style with colors, textures and details. These knowledge is important, except that the game developers mainly have to work in game engines such as Unity or Unreal etc. You can learn all these skills to become a game developer with the assistance of game development courses

Industry Outlook of Game Development

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of game development is one of the fastest growing in terms of job availability due to increased technological advancements in gaming consoles and software. The bureau predicts that jobs for developers will increase by 33% by 2016. This is an increase over the average national growth rate for all occupations, which is about 14%. This means that more people are looking for your services, but competition is becoming more fierce.

How is a Career in Game Development?

Less Competitive: Due to the awareness the game development as a field is less competitive. There are less number of manpower available but jobs are more than you think. As per Deccan Herald 40,000 manpower is required by the end of 2024. 

Stable: As there are lots of job vacancies hence, you will have a job security. 

Good pay: In 2014, a game programmer made an average yearly pay of more than $93K. Audio experts made more $95K, designers made more than $73K, and artists made more than $74K. (Note: All these data are from taken from glassdoor)

Passion is everything: Only if you have a passion for game creation, accept that you will have creative control over your work, and equally like working independently and as a team.

How to Become a Game Develo#per: Salaries and Job Prospects

You’ll need solid computer skills to be hired as a game developer. To start, you’ll need an understanding of object-oriented programming, which causes new generations of computer programmers and designers to be born every day. And it’s not enough to simply know your way around the programming languages like Java, Python or C++. You’ll need to be proficient in basic as well as advanced computer programming tools like Visual Studio, which is a full-scale integrated development environment (IDE) for creating and debugging visual programs. Layered on top of that, you’ll need to understand the architecture of software and how it operates, creating procedures for testing, debugging code and troubleshooting. This is something that you can learn through self-study or college courses, depending upon your experience level. You can learn all these from game development courses. 

Game development courses these days are of great help, if you want to break into this sector. 

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