How Instagram Teaches us New Fashion Standards

Instagram knows and understands us better than we do. Behind this knowledge is the analysis of our behavior, our Big Data, and our contributions. When Facebook collects our personal information, Instagram collects our aesthetic preferences. In recent years it hasn’t been just a smartphone app anymore – for many of us it’s become a main hobby, a best friend, even a job. Due to our habit of constantly scrolling through the feed, Instagram has evolved as both a place for personal blogs and a place to shop.

Instagram Is a New Cosmopolitan?

According to Forbes, the social network has become one of the most important advertising platforms due to its popularity: in the past year, the number of advertisers who have come to Instagram has doubled and increased to one million, making it, in fact, one of the most successful platforms for social engagement power. The latter is measured using such indicators:

  • Comments
  • Likes and Shares
  • General visibility of the posts on the Internet

There are many reasons for such coverage: firstly, Instagram is always at hand, and secondly, the picture is the main focus here, and it seems that as long as it looks cool, success is guaranteed. According to research, visual marketing is one of the easiest ways to set up communication with a customer. For example, when we hear an advertisement on the radio, we remember 12 percent of the text, the image is another matter. What we like visually inspires a strong desire to click the buy button.

What’s The Problem?

This raises questions: can we tell the difference between personal and promotional content today? – Since not all bloggers mark this on their pages. Does Instagram require adherence to a new “aesthetic standard” and inspire interest in a particular style? Don’t we lose ourselves and our personal style if we regularly save photos from bloggers and online shops?

Today we are really inspired by certain people and Instagram accounts and try to borrow something from their pictures and lifestyle. If earlier with the questions “What to wear?” and “Where to buy it?” we turned to glossy magazines, now the solution is always at hand and that is Instagram. We follow many lifestyle bloggers who dictate trends not only to us but also to the fashion media.

There are many Instagram brands that make money from these “archetypes”. They offer all kinds of blouses with ruffles, large earrings of unusual shapes and other objects of desire that have already been transferred to the collections of glossy media. These include the Jeanne Damas Rouge brand, as well as hundreds of brands of comfortable underwear, large earrings and French-style tops. The most popular create communities of Instagram followers around them.

And even when we realize that thousands of followers and likes hide tons of work and paid applications that help monetize content in every possible way until the right time to publish photos, we can’t stop looking at them. The solution is obvious – not to use all the content we receive every day as the only guide to action, but simply to enjoy the beauty of the photos. If Instagram seriously decided to replace fashion magazines for us, then we can perceive it as another fashion magazine with a huge amount of content for every taste. Yes, of course everyone will find their favorite hobby here! And if you also want to actively participate and become popular on Instagram, you can easily Buy Instagram Likes Singapore.

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