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How Instagram Stories Are Most Effective For Your Business

Importance of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have something for everyone who is on Instagram. Instagram story viewer is used to seeing Instagram Stories that are helpful, informative, smart and engaging for every user. That’s why businesses produce one-third of all Instagram stories. However, stories are no longer available after 24 hours. You can give your favorite stories a place of their own on your profile with Instagram Highlights. Your Instagram Stories or highlights can be a great way to help new customers to discover what your brand or business is all about.

You may want to include all your stories in your Instagram Highlights, but that’s not very appealing. This feature can be much more attractive and effective if you have multiple highlights that reflect the different Instagram stories you create.
Here’s how can Instagram Stories can help your brand:

Show Your Products

Advertising your products and services is one of the best uses of Instagram Stories. Even if Instagram audiences have not previously been associated with your brand, they are more likely to engage with your profile if you create a highlight for your products. They are more likely to click on the content on your Instagram Highlights rather than scroll through your entire feed.
You can make your highlights a quick way to get information about your offers and about yours business. They can also be used to direct audiences to your Web site, sign up for newsletters, or make Instagram purchases with you.

Update Your Audience

A great way to advertise about your brand or products is through Instagram Stories. If you want to make sure your audience stays up to date, you should provide weekly updates to your Instagram Highlights. You can also highlight your favorite posts by creating an Instagram Highlights reel about your past week. This also helps you keep track of ongoing events, promotions and other news on your account for a longer period of time.

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Promote Upcoming Events

Instagram is a great place to promote upcoming events and build brand awareness as users are usually looking for information there. Whether you are hosting personal or virtual events, Instagram Highlights can be a great way to raise awareness. You can also showcase your past events on your highlights so that your audience gets a better idea of ​​the types of events your brand hosts. It will also increase your audience’s interest in all your future events.
Does your business host workshops or training sessions? Dedicating Instagram Highlight to it can be a strategically creative way to share more of your brand personality.

Interact With The Audience

Using interactive polls on Instagram Stories not only helps you connect with customers but also helps you collaborate with them. You can better understand your audience and gain a deeper insight into their pain points. insta stories are also a fun way to increase customer interaction and engagement. You can do that by asking them fun questions, inviting them to interact with your brand.
The results of your Instagram stories can be very helpful when designing your marketing and advertising campaigns. Creating a highlight with your entire poll is a great way to show your fans that you are interested in their comments and feedback about your products.

Add Something Extra

Another way to enhance engagement with your audience is to provide bonus content on your Instagram Highlights. The content you offer should not be available anywhere else. You can let your audience know what is going on in the background. You can use highlights to show how you develop your products or how you pack your orders. Bringing employees behind your brand is also a great way to humanize your brand and create more engagement.


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