How EZDERM EMR Software Can Benefit Your Practice?

EZDERM is an electronic health record designed specifically for dermatologists. It offers 100% customization and is significantly less expensive than a standard EMR. Compared to other EMRs, it is also more affordable and has a geolocation module. In this article, we’ll take a look at how the software can benefit your practice. Using it will free up your time to focus on your patients and their needs.

EZDERM EMR is a dermatology-specific electronic health record

The EZDERM electronic health record software solution provides physicians with a highly flexible EHR platform that is customizable. Designed for dermatology physicians, it includes features like problem tracking, a customizable progress note-taking function, flexible documentation, mobile clinical decision support, and image-capture and management software. The software includes over 3,000 anatomical locations and more than 2,500 dermatologic conditions. The user-friendly interface helps physicians easily navigate through patient data and saves time.

The EZDERM EHR system is cloud-based, mobile, and has integrated medical billing and practice management. EZDERM’s 3D Anatomical Body Maps enable physicians to use the intuitive interface to document patient encounters. Its comprehensive features allow physicians to perform procedures quickly and accurately while minimizing errors and coding. It is also mobile-ready and offers responsive customer support.

It is less expensive than regular EMR

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The cost of implementing an EHR is relatively low. A study funded by a federal agency found that an average EHR implementation costs 25 percent more than the initial vendor estimate. With these advantages in mind, more doctors are switching to certified EHR systems. In fact, more than 80% of physicians use an EHR. Aside from the benefits of interoperability, other factors make EMRs less expensive for small practices.

It has a geolocation module

EZDERM is a cloud-based and one of the best EMR for dermatology that includes fully-integrated practice management and medical billing. The application offers several features, including 3D Body Maps, which help dermatologists visually document patient visits and diagnose issues. This application is also configurable to meet the needs of the dermatologist. Moreover, Praxis features a simple, clean user interface. It has automatic coding for precise documentation

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