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How Blogging Enhances User Experience and Ultimately Boost SEO

Ultimately Boost SEO

As the year draws to a close we start doing a comparative analysis of the methods we adopted for improving how we did things. And this year certainly has seen the more innovative side of SEO with priority given moreover the quality than quantity even amongst some of the newer SEOers. One of the key things, many requirement analysts are looking at, from the turn of the year is User Experience.

Even though some enterprising products have stepped forward into the fray, there have been generic issues of the websites and their design, in general.

The one thing that has really thrived has been the simplicity aspect which has gotten a boost because of the hype surrounding it, what has suffered has been content maximization because of it. Your users do not just want a simpler time when using your products, they want productivity as well which is why the content hiding or lack of it has been an issue for some parts.

Why do I think Blogging steps into this?

Whether the visitors or the users admit it or not, the blogs of a website or a company can end up being very persuasive. You can have a business that is not offering the most cutting edge of services and yet with a well-maintained blog, you can be assured of a high traffic rate at least within your site.

Fellow professionals talk about the psychological effect of having a well-maintained blog. In fact, many marketers have been urging digital brands to have an active and updated blog. Visit on: SEO Company Name Ideas

As a fellow content developer, I can definitely relate to the idea of having an informative digital presence. The term itself means that you as a company do not just sell or service but also enrich and inform the general surfers.

Users spend time on reading:
This is one fact that every website needs to understand without question. Fancy and alluring designs are all well and good, but the average internet user needs more than mere graphics to be convinced of the quality that you offer. This is where “Content is King” phrase evolves from. Your users will appreciate a whole host of things about your website but the deal breaker or maker in any case is the site’s content at the end of the day.

Information sharing:
This is the one crucial aspect of blogging that everyone tends to understand, but gross over. Your content can be the key to the entire manner in which you introduce yourself to your user.

Think about it: the average visitor has probably seen enough of websites’ introduction pages telling him that they are the best for this brand of work.

Go over the SEO forums and you will find the professionals there, citing enough examples about how they have found comments on their blogs, telling them how all the introduction pages are exactly the same.

This is where Blogging changed things; companies began to get defined via their blogs. Websites began to focus more on delivering quality reading to the users because whilst the user was on their website, his interest was the most valuable thing up for grabs and that was only doable through quality content.

How does blogging boost SEO?

You are all already well aware of the marketing techniques that blogging enables such as linking. I mentioned in a prior article how it increases brand power amongst the neighbouring businesses.

The reader who clicks through your blog pages also undergoes a series of marketing waves though. He is distinctly aware that he is reading a certain business’s perspective on a subject and if he finds the piece interesting then he remembers the brand. If you have a website that exists solely to make the users read, then that’s your job done there and then. 

If you have, a service-oriented website with a blog then user persuasion goes a long way because it translates to the user that he can rely on you professionally. Your competency and understanding is reassured because you are delivering relevant subject to the user on his needs or professional requirements.

My own two cents:
Your blogging may or may not be your most revered branding technique. I certainly was not writing this to tell you to change your strategy, but every marketing unit should realize that content prioritization is something that will only increase in the short term future.

Not only visitors but even Google will become more intelligent in judging each content and hence the quality of the website. A head starts on a good blogging strategy helps you come to terms with all of that. There are plenty of SEO tools too, that will greatly augment you in coining a perfect blogging strategy so my advice is very simple: be inventive, stay informative and start writing.

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