How about Ten Hughes United?

Sir Alex Ferguson has announced his retirement from a 26-year career as Manchester United coach. At the same time, it has been decided who will come in his place. Ferguson himself has negotiated with United officials to appoint Everton manager David Moyes as his successor.

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United’s last match was against Swansea City on May 12 at home before the end of the season after the decision to retire. The Red Devils said goodbye to the legendary coach at Old Trafford with goals from Javier’s Chicharito Hernandez and Rio Ferdinand. At the end of the match, Ferguson addressed the crowded Old Trafford.

“Your job now is to support the new coach.”

Didn’t work in support. With Moyes’ failure, United approached another manager year after year. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Ferguson has had a steady stream of new managers, one after another in the United dugout. In addition to David Moyes, United’s managers over the past nine years have been the Netherlands’ famous coach Louis van Gaal, von Gaul’s one-time coaching mentor Jose Mourinho, Ferguson’s direct student Ule Gunnar Sulshar and Germany’s legendary coach Ralph Rangnik. The list goes on and on, thanks to Ryan Giggs and Michael Carrick.

But success? It has become a golden deer. United have not won either the league or the Champions League since Ferguson left. Now the situation is so bad: Ronaldo is spending his days worrying about whether he will get a place in the Champions League at all next season . Coach Rangnik, who has influenced Klopp-Naglsman or Guardiola-Tuchel with his coaching philosophy, has also realized over the past five months that it is not his job to rescue United from the dead end.


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