How a Plant Growth Chamber can Assist your Research

plant growth chambers

Growth chambers are designed to produce environmental conditions that maximize plant growth. These are also called as environmental chambers or terrestrial growth chambers. It is operated manually and can be adjusted to your convenience. In this blog we are going to discuss plant growth chambers and how to use growth chamber, and also we’ll talk about how plant growth chambers help you make and test predictions. So let’s get started.

What are growth chambers?

Growth chambers are used to control and take a heavy check on environmental conditions when studying plants. A number of researchers, biologists, and professionals can easily control humidity, temperature, light and other things of a plant growth chamber.

Whenever there is a surge in growing in plants, pathologists use growth chambers to eradicate diseases.  To avoid a future catastrophe on food, they provide essential data for seed germination.

How to use growth chamber plant 

It has three tube lights built in to provide lighting for the plants, and the gas flow is also provided. Plant samples can be stored, and their airflow is maintained to avoid Contamination. And hence the water vapour leaves the plant as transpiration. The control panel is the most important part in a growth chamber because it maintains the humidity, temperature, life program and alarm, the temperature is usually maintained at 32 to 35 degree Celsius. It is an advanced growth chamber.

It can be operated easily. control panel has a graphic and CV panel which displays time, date, temperature and humidity etc. The current date and time is displayed, and the temperature profile can be set up for the whole day. The temperature can be frequently maintained at 22 to 31 degree Celsius. The graph gets increased or decreased according to the temperature that is maintained in the current value of temperature. Relative humidity and light is displayed, the relative humidity is frequently maintained at 55 percent to 90 percent.

High limit and low limit are used to set the temperature alarm. The programs can be altered through the menu. The most common models of growth chambers are walk-ins. There are also GC growth chambers, also known as incubators. They can have swinging, flip-flop or sliding doors. Bench top, floor mount, and laboratory dome plants growth chambers are high specification chambers.

Want to Make and Test Predictions? 

It is the beauty of science to make predictions about future events and happenings. When we observe the agriculture, a lot of information and innovation can be drawn with the help of predicting future of science and its branches. The very two things we can say are most significant in agriculture: yield and survivability.

In the past, we have seen a number of new innovations in agriculture. Scientists successfully developed and grown grains they believed could survive a shorter growing season. They then test their crops in the real world environment. If their seed did grow up, they believe that it is total wastage of time. And they had still a hundred and thousands hungry mouths to feed.

However, now scientists can make small predictions and check the seeds using growth chambers for a shorter period of time, they do not need to wait for a long time. If their predictions do not go well, they can immediately start working on another project.      

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