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Hoodoo Psychics

Miss Elvyra

Hoodoo Psychics

Miss Elvyra

Miss Elvyra is a graduate and personal apprentice of Catherine yronwode’s hoodoo rootwork program and currently is employed at the Lucky Mojo Curio Company in Forestville, California as a Reader and Rootworker. In addition, I have trained with two hereditary Wiccan priestesses, a traditional navigational Kahuna, and several excellent specialized teachers over the last twenty-two years. I have walked many paths to attain knowledge, with over forty years of experience in tarot card readingastrologynumerologyconjure doctoring and spell casting, qabala, geomancy, feng shui, bone reading, hypnotherapy, creative visualization, Reichian breath work, Reiki energy work, Amanae bodywork, and Hawaiian navigational energy work.

I offer to nurture and support to clients through life crises and difficult transitions, through the arts of listening, witnessing, and spiritual mentoring. The truest help one can give to another is to be truly present through their life transitions. My specialty is facilitating life changes through prayercandle services, co-created spell-casting (also known as dual casting), education, and integrative energy work based upon ancient principles and techniques that complement modern health care, motivational and performance enhancement, and personal and spiritual exploration.

More About Miss Elvyra

My roots are Keltic and Mediterranean. My background in traditional education is a B.A. in drama with a psychology minor from the University of Southern California. I am a licensed reverend with a Ph.D. in Cross-Cultural Theology. I have presented at several international anthropological conferences as well as volunteered as an associate teacher at Sonoma State University on courses as diverse as mythology, the Goddess, and labyrinths, and establishing a colony on Mars.

In addition to the usual sort of spell-casting that others offer — casting spells on your behalf — I am a shamanic teacher. In this form of conjure practice, I will perform a spell on your behalf at my own altar while teaching you, through consultation and prescription of spiritual supplies, to cast your own supportive spell for the same condition at your own home altar. Together we will open the way for you to reach your goals.

More About Hoodoo Psychics

The power of spirit flows through me, gracing artwork, jewelry, and writing. Shamanic artwork comes from the alchemical fires that process out the impurities, shape-shifting itself into illuminative beauty. The masques and jewelry I create have a life and spirit force of their own. Though a symbol of reality, an outward form, these pieces represent what one possesses within — a beauty both spiritual and physical. I have been working in the genre of shamanic artwork for over ten years. For my masques, I use items found in nature as well as recycled materials that culminate in these mixed media pieces, breathing new life, meaning, and purpose into otherwise discarded objects. My artwork & jewelry have been commissioned by clients both here in the United States and abroad. Commission artwork ranges from single pieces to series.

You can read more about me at my Elvyra website.

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