Homemade Sauces You can Serve With Fried Chicken

Thinking about fried chicken, in actuality, its savory taste will stimulate the salivary glands in your mouth to produce gallons of saliva in your mouth. Never consider it an exaggeration as fried chicken is one of the most loved foods in this world. People love to eat fried chicken on several occasions. Whether it’s Christmas eve or simply a regular dinner, fried chicken will be an integral part of your dining table.

However, the taste and texture of crispy fried chicken will be incomplete unless you dip it in one of the top dipping sauces. Fried chicken dipped in the sauce will make you crave it. There is a whole variety of sauces that can be used with fried chicken. From peri peri to peanut sauce and cheese sauce to pesto sauce, various homemade dippings can be used to explore a new variety of tastes and flavors.

Peanut Dipping Sauce

This Vietnam’s typical sauce will let you explore the exciting flavors of fried chicken. Moreover, the creamy texture of this sauce is a treat to taste with crispy chicken pieces. The method to make this delicious sauce is straightforward.

Take a sauce pot and keep it on a steady flame and add peanut oil to it. Fry the garlic, galangal, shallots, and lemongrass in it until you can smell the fragrance. Add peanuts and stir them well to get them coated. Now it’s time to add coconut milk, tamarind paste, fish sauce, lime juice, brown sugar, chili, and some water. Let it simmer for at least 10 to 15 minutes, and then get it off the stove. Take a food processor and blend your sauce well. It will become thicker and creamier when you get ready.

BBQ Sauce

Usually used for marinating chicken and other meat for BBQ, this sauce will also serve as the best dipping sauce for fried chicken. The sweet and savory flavor of this sauce with some spices in it will couple perfectly with crispy fried chicken. There are different varieties of BBQ sauce. However, you can prepare the typical one at your home.

Take a saucepan and add some ketchup and apple cider vinegar to it. Then add Worcestershire sauce to it. Add some mustard, brown sugar, soy sauce, and Tabasco sauce in it. Let it simmer for a few minutes, and then take it off the stove. Let it cool and then serve with your fried chicken.

Apricot Dipping Sauce

Crispy and savory chicken with a delicious sweetened sauce with rich flavors of apricot will make your day. You can make this sauce in your home. Ingredients are ubiquitous and can easily be found in your kitchen.

To make this sauce, you need to take fresh apricots or preserved apricots. Then collect some mustard or mustard paste along with red pepper flakes. Take a pan and boil the apricots if you have taken them fresh. Then mix everything and blend them in a blender to get a uniform paste. Serve it with fried chicken to enjoy the natural flavors and taste of apricot and mustard with your chicken.

Buffalo Blue Cheese Sauce

This sauce perfectly matches your chicken wings, especially when you are a cheese lover. To make this sauce is effortless. Take a pan and add blue cheese to it. The cheese must be melted or scrambled. Add pepper, chives, lime juice, and mayonnaise to it. Add a little bit of salt and blend them well in a food processor. After that, serve it with spicy chicken wings. Chill it for a few minutes to make it taste even better.

Thousand Island Sauce

This sauce is basically a salad dressing. However, it will go well with fried chicken as it contains different ingredients, which enhances its flavor and taste. To make a thousand island sauce, you don’t need any cooking. It’s all about mixing ingredients. Take a pan or bowl and add mayonnaise, orange juice, lime juice, olive oil, and tabasco sauce. Add cream, tomato puree, Worcestershire sauce, and mustard to it. Serve it after mixing well.


It’s time to explore a variety of tastes and flavours with these homemade dipping. They are going to couple perfectly with any sort of fried chicken.

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