Hobby will do regular drama even if it is less in number

After being away for some time, model and actress Shaw returned to acting. He broke the break and acted in a single play made for Eid. The name is ‘Fatafati Prem’. The play is written by Jewel Elin and directed by Zakiul Islam Ripon.

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It has recently been shot at various places in Uttara of the capital. Young actor Zaher Alvi will be seen for the first time in the play opposite Hobby. The producer said that the drama will be aired on RTV this Eid.

Speaking about her return to acting, Anika Kabir said, The people in the courtyard where I have not set foot for so long still remember me, still cooperating with love – it is a different way for me. It is a great pleasure to return to a familiar world and to come in front of the audience through a good deed. The kind of work that was expected to break the break and return to acting, bursting love is such a drama. Hopefully, its stories and characters will impress the viewers.

Hobby was away from the world of acting due to marriage and being a mother. Two months after becoming a mother, she took part in organizing a few dances, but the performance was not seen. Hobby said, even if you dance and act, it is not possible to do it continuously like before. Want to do something good even if it is small in number to look good and meet the expectations of the audience.

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