History of Muay Thai

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Senshi Academy provides training for Muay Thai Thomastown-wide. Muay Thai is a national sport of Thailand. It dates back to several hundred years ago when it was developed to combat using the whole body as a weapon. However, where it exactly began is not known. Modern scholars have put their efforts into digging into the history of Muay Thai, but much of it is lost.

The Origin and History of Muay Thai

Muay Thai sport is a kind of martial art known as the art of eight limbs. All eight limbs are involved, and the body reflects weapons of war. The hands are considered swords and daggers, and the shins and forearms are hardened. They act as armors against the blows. The elbows act as a hammer to keep the opponents away. The whole body works together as one unit. The knees and elbows keep searching for open spaces while trying to spin the enemy to the ground.

Modern Muay Thai

Muay Thai has significantly developed over the past 100 years. It was a famous national sport back then, and hence, it started attracting international popularity. It was introduced to foreigners after World War II. Because Thailand was formerly known as Siam, they started calling it Siam Boxing. The French used to call it Le Sport Orient. It means the style of the orient. When soldiers from Thailand used to fight and train among themselves, warriors from America and Europe observed them keenly. This led to the foreign soldiers being highly impressed by this kind of martial art. They were so intrigued that they asked the Thai soldiers to teach them, Muay Thai. When it started gaining popularity worldwide, the rules were also changed. Because now Muay Thai had to be treated as an internationally established sport just like boxing was. The rules were changed to better govern and regulate the art of Muay Thai. In 1920, the rings were installed in the open courtyard, which led to the roots of modern Muay Thai.

Introduction of Rules in Muay Thai

The first rules that were devised formally for Muay Thai sport were after World War II. There were five rounds of fighting with limited time. The length of the rounds was measured using a clock. The old method of sinking a coconut shell with holes in a water barrel was not used. Large stadiums were built for the sport of Muay Thai in every major city. The Lumpini Stadium of Bangkok is now home, or you can say it is holy ground to the warriors of Muay Thai nationally and internationally.

Muay Thai Today

Today Muay Thai is getting attention worldwide and has become popular on a global scale.  Recently, it was accepted as an Olympic sport. It was a well-deserved move. All the martial artists from around the world agree that Muay Thai is needed to become an efficient and all-rounder martial artist. With new training camps being established, Muay Thai is gaining popularity around the globe.

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