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Here’s What Homes Will Look Like in a Post-Pandemic World

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The grim shadows of COVID-19 have touched every aspect of our lives, and our living space and home decor are no exception. Staying just in the house for months has made us question the functionality and need of every home accessory in our space, as we contemplated every art piece on our wall and furniture. From investing in multi-utility furniture to investing in desk chairs (we all have had our fun on the couch and have gotten backaches).

Plus the craving to see the outside world has also shifted our focus on our yards, terrace, and balconies – I bet like several others you to have made these places more lounge-worthy for replacing those delayed vacations. More than two years in the Coronavirus has resulted in homeowners remodeling their homes from, both inside and out.

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Although mask mandates are slowly being lifted in some states, it’s still too soon for most of us to predict the future of the pandemic. But the ongoing debate still remains that what will happen once the pandemic is finally over. What shape will our home decor design take? Would we keep our guest room turned home office the same or transform it back to its original use?

We tapped in on some Architects, interior designers, and home decor experts for the inside scoop on this question. So, if you are planning a renovation, taking stakes to move, or just gazing into the future, here in this blog we have listed what to expect in home design in the new normalized future.

The Increasing Home Office

Many businesses have made work from home the new norm, creating a trend and high demand for home offices amongst homeowners. Most of us already have dedicated workspace at our homes, and as people move into new spaces, they look for a small home office in every property. This room seems to be a permanent part of our homes, as we see even small brands implementing flexible work-from-home policies. Based on this, people are meticulously selecting the home decor of this section adding multifunctional accessories and formal accents on the desk and in the background to make their video call meeting look as professional as possible.

Amp up air circulation

Remember when we would scrub off everything and leave our packages at our door overnight hoping to get rid of any attached COVID-19 virus? Yeah, we got a lot smarter and aware of airborne viruses in the last few years. This new awareness has launched a high demand for some serious airflow within the homes. Interior designers expect to see a rise in properties with sliding doors, larger windows, and skylights. Such spaces also create an illusion that we are outside, which all of us have craved tremendously during the lockdowns. Homeowners are also likely to invest more in hospital-grade air-purifying systems and germ-killing UV appliances while incorporating more plants in their home decoration.


A lot of Color

While the monochrome design palette is minimalistic, people who had it in their homes during the lockdown, regretted it tremendously. Its monotone aesthetic can sometimes feel too formal and impersonal. So, it is expected that a lot of us will be saying goodbye to white and grey interior aesthetics.

Neutrals and bright pastels will replace the boring monochrome introducing more color and felicity in the spaces. Even home decor items will see a colorful shift that has already started making buzz on Pinterest. From paint shades to wall hangings and home decor accessories, the future interior design looks very colorful and bright.


The Return of Fine Dining at Home

As we will return to our offices, and the kids will go back to school, you may discover a large furniture piece in your dining room. As things go back to normal, your spaces and furniture will come back to their normal use. Yup, your temporary office desk for the last two years, will shapeshift back into a dining table.

Also, since a lot of us have gained cooking skills, and hosted our share of house parties, stocking our kitchenware with designer serving accessories, dinnerware, and bar accessories – our parties will become grander and dinners will be more lavish at home. People will still prefer cozy intimate gatherings. Just the decoration will get more dramatic with candle stands and formal tableware.

Outdoor elements will come Indoor

From air-purifying plants to colorful floral herbs, we all have been obsessed with this trend. And given their benefits, we can expect that people will continue to decorate their homes with beautiful greens. We can’t stop, and we won’t stop adding succulents, and other verdant accents to our spaces. Plant ownership flourished in the pandemic as it became a way for us to connect with the outside world. This eco-trend will be a staple and we will be seeing more natural wood textures and sustainable materials in the homes. The bottom line: Bringing nature indoors is still a red-hot trend.

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

The pandemic showed homeowners the true worth and fabulousness of their open Terrance, big apartment balcony, and tricked-out backyard. Why fret about the outdoor dining and resort vacations when you can burn fire pits, enjoy picnics, take a sunbath and add an inflatable hot tub on your terrace or in your backyard?

The twist here is however that you will need a bit of privacy, which we will be seeing homeowners create around their open spaces in the future.

Now that it looks like the pandemic will be soon over, we hope you can start all the home redecoration and renovation projects you have been postponing for too long to make your home more functional for working, studying, and partying.

Let us know what you think the new normal would be after the pandemic!

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