Har Ki Dun Trek: A Trek To Shiva’s Valley


Har ki Dun trek is not only famous for the travel lovers but also for the Shiva Lovers or Shiva devotees. This place has a great mythological and religious significance of Lord Shiva. The place is not just overwhelming for its stunning beauty and views but also for the peace which one receives at this place as it is the Land of Lord Shiva. So all the Shiva devotees, this is the place for you to worship as well as enjoy.

Not only famous for its alpine beauty and stunning views, but also has a great mythological and religious significance as well as history. Har Ki Dun trek is also known as the Land of Shiva or you can say that this name is said to be translated as The Land of Lord Shiva.The name Har ki Dun is a delightful combination of Dun (valley) and Har ki (God’s) and totally legitimizes the legendary history related to it. As indicated by folklore, Pandavas took their flight of stairs to great habitation by means of the Swargarohini top, which is one of the fundamental attractions of the trip. The renowned sanctuary committed to Duryodhana in the village of Osla illuminates the well-established convictions and customs of individuals, who are ardent fans of Duryodhana and love him like God. Also said to be the journey of heaven, Har Ki Dun never lets you feel the place less than heaven.

From where to begin
The nearest airport which is feasible for the Har Ki Dun trek is from Dehradun. You will first land at Dehradun and drive for 200 km to Sankri village which is the base camp for this trek. From Sankri, a level path with 10-11 mountain twists drives you to Taluka, your next objective, which can be arrived at either by a jeep or by walk. This avalanche inclined course is normally shut during a rainstorm.

Reasons for Har Ki Dun
Har Ki Dun is viewed as one of the most interesting valleys in the Garhwal Himalayan that is totally limited by high vegetation and is rich in Flora and Fauna, which is very difficult to encounter in some other travels.
Uttarakhand’s secret magnificence, Trek is quietly sitting tight for you to take your breath away with its captivating perspectives, snow-covered valleys, delightful knolls, thick woods as well as dazzling green patches. On the off chance that you are a mountain sweetheart, this journey is without a doubt a pleasure for you.
By and large Har Ki Dun is a 5 days journey from Sankri to Sankri or it should likewise be possible in 6 days with additional time accessible for trips. There are a few better places that can be visited alongside the Har Ki Dun trip and that makes the journey much more complete in each sense. The neighborhood culture and town life is likewise a major fascination of this journey.
There’s a great deal to see on this journey. The valley is beautiful and offers mind boggling vistas. The foundation of the journey is the Jumdar glacial mass. The territory is by and large simple to direct , for certain lofty patches, Cheap airline services:-

Some important points
Begin preparing your body for the trip essentially a month prior.
Keep sufficient money as there is no ATM on the whole journeying course, including the headquarters.
Plan your excursion with experienced travel accomplices and book the trip ahead of time.
Try not to design the Har ki Dun trip during the rainstorm as the course will in general be dangerous.

Is Har Ki Dun safe?
Indeed! It is. Har ki Doon is notable for novices reason for its simple steep and way. In the event that you are a novice, you can pick this area as your trip most assuredly.

Why make Har Ki Dun your top priority for trekking?
There are so many treks in India and the Himalayan range but still you would be thinking as to why You should choose the Har Ki Dun trek?
No high height mountain infection because of the impending timberland district.
The path isn’t that unexpected and sheer when contrasted with different trips. Thus, amateurs can undoubtedly do this journey.
You get to see such countless radiant bodies at one spot like the all encompassing perspective on the Himalayan reaches, knolls, lakes, pine woodlands, and different assortment of vegetation outperforming through genuine Garhwali legacy.
Throughout the colder time of year, this intriguing valley stays shrouded in snow, and the white sheet of snow makes it seem to be a supernatural wide snowland.
Also, in summers, the valley turns unique and entertaining due to knolls, wildflowers, and woods sprouting in various varieties.

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