Gunmen kill, injure 4 in Washington DC

The gunman who attacked Washington DC in the United States has been killed. Four people were injured in the indiscriminate firing of the gunman. The man later committed suicide. The attack took place on Friday (April 22nd) local time in front of a school.

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Members of the security forces quickly responded to the attack. Surrounding the whole area. The lockdown was carried out in the vicinity of the University of the District of Columbia. House-to-house searches were conducted in search of the attacker. The warning was issued for several hours.
Washington police say they have been able to identify one person by looking at video footage. The suspect was identified as Raymond Spencer. He is 23 years old. According to eyewitnesses, the police started searching for the incident. They then raided a nearby apartment and identified the attacker.

Police claim that the attacker committed suicide there. Police recovered a rifle with a firearm from the scene, which was set up in a sniper type.
Police further said that the motive of the attacker was to attack the people of the community. However, they said that the investigation is still going on. They also think that there was only one attacker.

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