Guinea’s military ousts Guinea after three years

Colonel Mamadi Dumbuia, head of Guinea’s military government, has said he will hand over power to a civilian government after a 39-month interim period. He made the announcement in a televised address on Saturday. News from the BBC
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The army overthrew the elected government in a coup in Guinea in September last year. President Alpha Cond was arrested. The move was initially welcomed by many Guineans. However, there is growing dissatisfaction with the junta government for not handing over power to civilian governments in a timely manner. A coalition of West African nations has set a deadline of Monday for Guinea’s military government to hand over power to EQWAS. However, the junta government failed to meet that deadline. More time is required for this. The junta said it was considering an interval of 18 to 52 months.

Finally, on Saturday, they proposed a 39-month interim period. The proposal will now be raised in Guinea’s parliament. Colonel Dumbua has promised that none of the participants in the interim government, including himself, will run in the next general election.

After the coup in Guinea, a 60-member National Transition Council (CNT) was formed. It is now functioning as the parliament of the country. CNT is responsible for organizing the next elections in the country. But so far he has not been able to do that.

In recent years, several West African countries have witnessed several coup attempts. Some of them have succeeded and some of them have failed.

A coup attempt was launched in Guinea-Bissau in February. Several people were killed in the incident. There have been two military coups in Mali. A coup attempt in Niger has failed.

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