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Green Roofing; What is it and What You Need to Know

We all are living in the 21st century and the most highlighted issue of this current time and age is high temperatures as well as climate change. Thus, where all other matters of life and science are making adjustments the construction company is also required to make huge changes that are not only sustainable but are also pretty much the need of the hour. Green roofing is one such technique that is an ongoing real estate trendy solution to several issues. It does not require you to do several things but can be quite helpful in a million matters.

With countless parks and added value effects to the house as well as buildings, green roofing is a solution that will stand the test of time in the coming ages. Thus if you are also curious about this latest trend for the building roofs in the context of Royal Swiss Islamabad, then you are in for a treat because we will illuminate you in such regard.

But before we dive straight into the matters of green roofing, let us first discuss the many advantages of green roofing and whether the hype around it can be justified or not.

Perks of Green Roofing

Let us discuss in detail the many benefits of green roofing in your dream house. Listed below are some of the usual ones:

  • Increased Life Span of Roof
  • Enhanced Aesthetics
  • Energy Efficient
  • Noise Cancellation Properties

Increased Life Span of Roof

This one is a given and one of the first advantages of using green roofing. A roof is that part of your house which is always exposed to sunlight and all the weather changes that houses are immune to. Thus all these matters are what cause serious changes to the house exterior. And all such effects can lead to serious costs on maintenance.

Furthermore, these issues can also lead to low roof life and this aspect is also concerning. But in green roofing, all the materials that are used can increase the lifespan of the roof. All the greenery that is present on the roof can lead to the high absorption of the sunlight and thus the construction material is not affected. It also protects the sun to penetrate the material and we now know that it is for the greater good.

Enhanced Aesthetics

There is no denying the fact that green is the color of peace and is loved and adored by many. Furthermore, greenery is not only good to look at, it is extremely important for mental and physical health. And it is also something that protects you from all the urban air that is filled with pollutants and other synthetic compounds.

It is also a cost-effective way for all those who cannot afford a large house. They can use their roofs for such purposes and we can say that it is a win-win situation at the end of the day.

Regardless of the building location, the overall vibe and aesthetics of the buildings are improved tenfold just by the simple gesture of green roofing. It is something that is also appreciated by the spectators because let us just admit that it does look amazing in the house.

Energy Efficient

We all can agree that in the past some time, climate change is something that is getting way worse with every passing day. The summer periods are getting prolonged and the weather is intensifying with each day. The winters are short but the temperature range is getting drastic. Thus, we all tend to adjust our life cycles with these temperatures.

We tend to install devices and machines which allow us to maintain our body temperature in both summers and winters. You also end up paying a huge amount of money when you are using such devices.

But a green roof is an effective way to cope with all such scenarios. This mechanism also helps the houses to maintain a steady bill over the period and you can score high on the energy-efficient quotient.

Noise Cancellation

Another matter of great concern that is often a headache for all those who live in an urban environment is that of noise. Noise is everywhere and it affects everyone. It is the reason for excruciating pain, headaches, and some other mental issues that are of major concern.

With the commercialization of cities, the environment is getting dense with every passing day and we have a concentrated environment that is deadly and full of noise.

But you do not have to worry as one of the basic benefits of green roofing is that green roofs are able to reduce the sound exposure near or inside a building by mitigating diffraction sound waves over (parts of) roofs and by reducing sound transmission through the roof system.


We do hope that all the aforementioned information will be of good use. Try to gather more research and then get benefitted from this trendy phenomenon of green roofing.

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