Gotabaya appointed 18 people to the cabinet during the protests

Sri Lankan President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has appointed 18 people to his cabinet amid violent protests. However, there is a movement in the country demanding his resignation.

Earlier, Gotabaya disbanded his cabinet and called on the opposition to cooperate in forming a new government. But they have rejected it. News from the BBC.

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According to the report, all those who have been recruited are members of Gotabayar team.

The island nation is going through the worst economic crisis since gaining independence from Britain in 1947.

The foreign exchange crisis in the country is partly due to the economic crisis. The currency crisis means that the country is unable to pay for imported goods. Due to which there is a severe shortage and the price of the product increases.

Meanwhile, the anger of the people has reached new heights due to the crisis of electricity, food, medicine and fuel.

The country said last week it no longer had the capacity to temporarily repay foreign loans. Trading in the country’s stock market has been suspended for a week.

Protests in Sri Lanka began in early April, demanding the resignation of the country’s president. Opposition groups called for Gotabaya to resign, saying he had lost public support. But he has rejected this claim.

But Gotabaya is not going to give up in the protest. In this situation, the appointment of new members in the cabinet means that Gotabaya will not bow his head in the face of protests.

New members can be sworn in on Monday, the Hindustan Times reported.

A member of parliament from the ruling party was quoted as saying that the new cabinet would be sworn in today. President Gotabaya and Prime Minister Mahinda will be in charge, and some new and young faces will be seen as ministers in the cabinet.

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