Good morning, today: What is happening, what will happen

An audio clip of Trinamool student leader Sanjeev Pramanik has gone viral. At first, he said, he used the subject of the teacher’s ‘collar catch’ in a metaphorical sense. Later, Sanjeev called a press conference on Monday evening and started questioning the authenticity of the audio clip. Today, on Tuesday, we will keep an eye on where the debate takes place.

Nothing about school can be written on the net. Controversy has erupted over the issuance of bonds from parents. A large part of the parents have expressed their dissatisfaction. It is alleged that several school parents in Kolkata have also signed such bonds. Today we will keep an eye on that debate.

New information is coming up about the incidents of gang rape and murder in Hanskhali. Controversy has erupted over the FIR filed by the police and the names of the father and grandfather of the deceased teenager. Today we will keep an eye on him.

The death case of Howrah student leader Anis Khan is being heard in the Calcutta High Court today. The hearing of the case may start at 10:30 am. Though the case was scheduled to be heard on Monday, it did not happen.

The two-day World Bangla Trade Conference will start in the state from Wednesday. That preparation for bringing investment is now in full swing. Today we will keep an eye on various news related to that.

A doctor was tortured after entering the house in Nimata. In that incident, the representatives of ‘Joint Platform of Doctors’ are going to the local police station by 4 pm today.
According to the center, the number of daily covid attacks in the capital has risen to more than 500 since February 20. The picture across the country is also not very promising. According to the daily statistics of the Union Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours, the number of daily infections across the country is 2,173. Which is 90 percent more than on Sunday. In this case, we will keep an eye on how many infections there are today.

Corona’s paw in IPL. Push to the camp of Delhi Capitals. Delhi all-rounder Mitchell Marsh of Corona attacked. As a result, the Delhi Capitals-Punjab Kings match on Wednesday has become uncertain. Today we will keep an eye on that situation.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has not stopped for two months now. Russian troops have captured two British fighters in Ukraine. Moscow claims that Shaun Pinar and Aiden Aslin, two British fighters who went to Ukraine to fight for the army.

The people of South Bengal have been suffering from heat for several days. Finally, on Thursday and Friday, the weather office heard the possibility of rain in South Bengal including Kolkata. Earlier, in the first two days of the week, heat wave warning was issued in five districts of South Bengal. This situation will be monitored.

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