Going out to buy bread, father’s death, daughter’s ahajari next to the dead body

A man named Victor Gubarev went out to buy bread for his family. But he was killed when a bullet struck his body in front of his house.

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The incident took place in Kharkiv, Ukraine last Monday. Meanwhile, his daughter could not accept the death of her father. He was seen crying near his father’s body. That scene of the girl’s ahazari has already spread through the net. News Reuters

According to the Reuters report, his daughter Yana Bachek lives next to Viktor Gubarev’s apartment. Yana is an English teacher by profession. Yana said she was preparing for an online English class on the day of the incident. At that moment, the sound of gunfire could be heard outside.

In his words, ‘I still remember the explosion. I just came home from shopping and there was a terrible explosion, a loud noise. ‘

Her mother, Lyubov, then told her that Yana’s father had gone out to buy bread, but had not returned. However, due to the shelling outside, Yana Bachek was stopped by her partner Yevgeny.

“I started calling Dad from home,” Yana said. But there was no response. A few minutes later, Yana left the house. He broke down in tears when he saw his father’s body lying outside the apartment. The ambulance arrived at the sound of the explosion. At one point, Yana’s tears were captured on the photographer’s camera with the ambulance.

The Beaters report said that the indiscriminate shelling of cities such as Kharkiv and the mass graves in the town of Bucha, near Kiev, or in the port city of Mariupol, were being called “special military operations” in Ukraine.

At least three people were killed in Kharkiv last Monday, the report said. One of them is Viktor Gubarev. The city in eastern Ukraine has been bombed almost daily since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24. Russia, however, has consistently denied targeting Ukrainian civilians.

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