Getting More Likes, Comments, and Engagement on Youtube!

YouTube, being one of the best platforms to watch videos, is a social stage where almost a billion videos are watched each day. If that’s the case, why should you not try making your videos a part of this lot?

If you are currently working as a creator on YouTube, and you are determined to earn more likes, comments, and engagement on YouTube, your struggle may end here. Mentioned below are a few tactics that you can take into account if you desire to make your YouTube videos attractive enough to be liked and appreciated. 

Give your videos attractive titles:

The title of your YouTube videos tends to create long-lasting impressions on the viewer. By just taking a look at it, they will decide whether to watch your video or not. If you want to compel them enough to watch your videos, you must give them catchy titles.

Usually, the titles containing almost 60-70 characters (including spaces) are considered to be the optimal ones. The titles longer than this limit usually do not appear in the searches frequently. So, keeping these factors in view, you must add relevant titles to your YouTube videos. This helps you earn more likes and comments on these videos, which eventually leads to more engagement. 

Write catchy video descriptions:

The description of your videos matters a lot, especially when you are dealing with technical content. Usually, people with how-to content take their video description seriously. On these lines, if you also deal with technical data, where you tend to provide help, you must keep your video description under strict consideration.

Try to add a relevant and authentic description to your videos. Furthermore, keep the vocabulary simple, and write in an easy-to-understand language. Do not complicate your expression. Ensure that your video description and visual content are well synced. This will help your cause of getting more likes on YouTube videos. 

Use a custom thumbnail:

The thumbnail of your YouTube video is the foremost representative of your content. It implies that the very first thing your viewer is going to notice about your video is its thumbnail. The thumbnail image that you may have selected for your videos must be intriguing. You must not compromise the relevancy at any cost.

Make sure that the thumbnail contains visuals that make direct links with the genre you are dealing with. If the task is to achieve more engagement, you must use a custom thumbnail instead of the auto-generated video frames. A study has shown that the most viewed videos on YouTube, in almost all cases, contain custom thumbnails. 

Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are considered to be one of the robust factors which enhance the overall promotion of your YouTube videos. When that happens, your videos are eventually liked and viewed more, something you are longing to earn. To make it happen, try to choose some of the most powerful and trendy hashtags on YouTube.

While doing so, keep in view the relevancy. The tags you are adding must be relevant to your video content. Try to embed 3-6 relevant hashtags to each video. The number may vary from video to video. Once you do so, the visibility of your video on YouTube increases, thus attracting the community to itself. 

Use close captioning:

YouTube video transcripts help your viewers to understand what you are trying to convey in your videos. It does the same for the search engine as well. A specific keyword search would result in the most relevant videos containing captions appearing in the search results. Hence, ensure that your videos have subtitles.

Furthermore, you can also use the YouTube service for auto-generating the caption. For that, you first need to review the transcript file that YouTube has generated. Once confirmed free of errors, this technique helps you a lot to get more likes on your YouTube. It consequently opens the doors for more engagement as well. 

Try to understand your audience:

Knowing what kind of audience you are dealing with is extremely important. This helps you put your energy in a directional way, avoiding wastage at any spot. If you already have an insight into your audience’s taste, you can go for the betterment of your content according to that. In the meantime,

keeping in view the suggestions of your followers, you can further qualify your videos. For that, try to take feedback from your subscribers. You can also check their comments. It will to only help to know their ideas about you but will also create a healthy engagement with them. 

Optimize for suggested videos:

YouTube, depending on the overall description for your videos, suggest them to those who are interesting in them. It does not happen for all the videos on YouTube. But putting the right amount of effort can make the YouTube algorithm act in your favor.

All you have to do is to go to the most viewed videos on YouTube, especially those dealing with the same type as yours. Navigate the tags they have used, and try to integrate them into your videos too. It will help you optimize your videos for suggested content. There are chances that YouTube may then suggest your videos to like-minded users. This will then help your cause. 

Welcome engagement:

You can also encourage your subscriber to engage. There are enormous ways to do so. You can simply replay their comments warmly. It encourages them to interact more. Furthermore, you can also encourage them to give their feedback in the comment section, in the starting or ending phase of your videos.

Furthermore, if you are already having lots of subscribers and your goal is to engage, you can exclusively make an interactive video. You can also go live if you want to, which will help you engage better with them. 

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