General budget should not be in extraordinary time: Devapriya Bhattacharya

The time for the next financial year is extraordinary, and the general budget should not be in this extraordinary time. Now I want an exceptional budget. For this, a draft policy framework of the next budget should be published before announcing the budget. There should be an opportunity for different sections of the society to give their opinion on that draft. At the same time, the extent to which the budget has been implemented in the first six months of the current financial year needs to be made public.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This was stated by Devpriya Bhattacharya, convener of the Citizens’ Platform for the Implementation of SDGs and economist at a discussion meeting on the forthcoming budget on Sunday. Citizens’ Platform for SDG Implementation organized a discussion meeting titled ‘People’s Expectations on Upcoming Budget’. The discussion meeting was held online. Representatives of different sections of the society took part in it. Devpriya Bhattacharya, convener of the Citizens’ Platform, addressed the meeting.

Devapriya Bhattacharya further said that employment should be the main goal in the next budget, not GDP growth. In addition, special importance should be given to control inflation. Because, as the price of goods has gone up, so has the income of the people. In the current financial year, rising commodity prices, foreign trade situation and war have put new pressure on the economy. Therefore, he opined that the budget should be prepared by deviating from the traditional budget.

People of different classes and professions of the society spoke on the occasion. Khandaker Zahurul Alam, head of CSID, a non-governmental organization working for the disabled, thinks the number of disabled beneficiaries is increasing, not the amount of money.

Rubaiyat Ferdous, a teacher at Dhaka University, recommended arranging SME loans for transgender people. High school student Lamia Akter expects a separate budget for children.

Biplob Chandra, a representative of the Dalit community, said there should be a budget allocation for housing for the Dalit community. And Khokon Murmu, the representative of the tribals, thinks that the allocation for the tribals in the budget is isolated. It is not easily found.

Seema Muslim, joint general secretary of the Bangladesh Mahila Parishad, said women entrepreneurs and workers had suffered the most during the Corona. Separate programs should be taken for them.

Samia Afrin, the manager of the women’s wing, thinks that women’s household work should be included in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). National income measurement system needs to be reformed.

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