Game Marketing: Design and Strategy

The purchase of games has been delayed for many years because the game industry may affect the operation of the device. TV, money, more than 50% of total profit, professional. It turns out that professionals are rarely encouraged to move forward in complex markets.

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Supports mainstream sports, 스포츠중계 media and the media. As a result, the organization had a difficult relationship with the media, but the marketing was neglected, the implementation was not and was not perfect. In this case, a comprehensive plan is needed.

    Strategy can be defined as an art or science that uses available methods to achieve its goals.

According to Charles Rosset, “This facilitates organizational transformation and the ability to create new plans. Some planning ideas, however, involve selecting goals and thinking about how to achieve them. Marketing planning requires a clear distinction between two concepts: the goal and the means for them..To achieve.

Strategy is an art and requires less thought than it actually requires.


As the needs of athletes become more complex and the participation of grassroots sports in competition and the economy increases, so does the demand for commercial sports marketing.

    Creativity creates new opportunities, solves problems,

It’s different, innovative, but rare, but actually suggests a certain component and situation. This is why many productivity models start with a process analysis and situation or problem analysis, and the first step is to gain real insight and understanding and seek ideas in other ways.

Corporate governance is an important ongoing process that includes problem solving, decision making, strategic development and process improvement. All organizations are under pressure and are forced to act decisively and adapt to new market conditions as in the current situation. The era of uncertainty and globalization.

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