Fusion Cuisine Changing Our Relationship With Food

Fusion Cuisine Changing Our Relationship With Food

Cuisines of the world vary vastly in their textures, cooking styles, flavors, selection of ingredients and mostly, the preference of individuals belonging to that particular region. However, given the fact that nations are more open to newer cultures in recent times, there are certain ingredients and flavors that are being used all across the globe. This is partly due to the fact that certain flavors such as Mexican chilies and Chinese soy sauce have the capacity to be blended with a plethora of flavor types and cuisines worldwide. A review of some of the most popular cross-cultural ingredients in the world is presented below which sheds light on how the society is moving beyond the various cultural boundaries that were previously considered to be invincible.

Fusion cuisine or crossover cuisine is actually a trend that allows cooks from across the globe to experiment with their cultural and ethnic boundaries to create unexpected and newer flavor combinations such that the best regional flavors are blended together. For the American culture, this “lust for food” has permeated deep into its behavioral patterns. From main stream televised programs to dedicated magazines and recipe books, the popular American cuisine culture is changing. Not only do the consumption patterns indicate this trend but the same is also reflected in academic culture where food studies have evolved into a scholarly interdisciplinary domain that focuses on food, culture and society.,55378525.html,55378527.html

Internationally inspired cooking makes use of a selection of ingredients and particularly pork as the most preferred choice for their recipes. There are a plethora of spices and ingredients specific to different regions that may be used with pork in order to create a fusion of flavors and cultures. Be it the savory sausage or great tasting tenderloin medallions, the combination of these flavors and ingredients is countless. Like Pork, potatoes from Wisconsin, which range from conventional red and yellow varieties to special russets and whites, are a must addition to a fusion cuisine menu. This variety adds a high degree of adaptability to various cuisines of the world while also allowing a certain element of versatility. The growing trend of fusion cuisine makes use of these popular ingredients, combining them with complementary cultural ingredients and flavors in order to create a recipe that is able to blur the ethnic fare borders. For local chefs, international celebrity cooks and for home cooks, there are no limitations for fusing these flavors and creating combinations that can relate to different regions of the world. This fusion has resulted in a cross-ethnic culture in present day cooking which is related to different regional cuisines and yet has a unique taste of its own.

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