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Fumari Ambrosia Hookah Shisha Flavor Spotlight

Fumari Ambrosia Hookah Shisha Flavor Spotlight

Fumari’s opulently creamy melon combination placed the “BRO, this is so wonderful!” in AmBROsia. Prepare yourself for the tea since I’ve been addicted to this flavor for years. You’ll be perplexed why you haven’t tried this taste sooner because of the flavor profile, which combines smooth, creamy undertones with juicy, vivid melon. While the vivid melons produce the fresh flavor for which Fumari is renowned, Ambrosia hookah has a gently light and sweet tone evocative of a fluffy marshmallow. This versatile melon flavor elevates all your favorites while tasting amazing on its own and in blends. Ambrosia will go well in all of your favorite mixes, I promise!

Lab Findings for Mixology

The Fumari Ambrosia hookah flavor in the mixology lab is explosive! These bizarre house mixes, which are original and came from our lab to your club, will have your clients returning for more.

  • Fruit Salad: Fumari Ambrosia 50% and Fumari Mandarin Zest 50%

This mixture is sure to be a success with fruit lovers everywhere because it resembles a beautiful and vibrant fresh-cut fruit salad. Serve this bad guy in your favorite apple head for an additional fruity kick!

  • Dreamsicle: 40% Fumari Orange Cream and 60% Fumari Ambrosia

The ideal sweet tooth cure is this creamy, delicious concoction. You’ll be in awe of the rich vanilla and vibrant citrus tones!

  • An oasis 30 percent Fumari Ambrosia, 40 percent Fumari Aloha Mango, and 30 percent Fumari Guava

This tropical concoction is ideal for all beach lovers, as refreshing as an oasis paradise.

Packaging Related to Ambrosia

Excellent question Fumari is a luscious, light blonde shisha leaf that is adaptable. With a beautiful fluffy pack, Fumari Ambrosia shisha will smoke well in any bowl type. The funnel bowl design is our favorite because it softly cradles all that delicious goodness. More juice equals a more incredibly vibrant taste! However, you’ll want to get this bad boy in kilos for your hookah bar or catering business. There are 100g and kilo pouch sizes of fumari Ambrosia, which are ideal for hookah retailers and hookah lounges. Smoke Shop in Dallas all adore hookah because it allows us to express ourselves freely and will always be subjective. We are happy to welcome you to our biggest hits, which include information:

Other Hookah Flavor:


Spiced Chai is like a bit of old-world charm and our love letter to hookah. Smoking a bowl of Spiced Chai quickly transports you to the Silk Road, where these spices fill the air regularly. Highlights include creamy vanilla, toasty nutmeg, star anise, sweet cinnamon, and even sour cardamom. Spiced Chai emanates tradition, embraces everybody, and earns its proper place at number five on our list whether you’re drinking one or smoking our mix.


Since we first introduced it, Lemon Mint hasn’t dropped out of our top five, which probably never will. It’s crisp, refreshing, and plain delicious. Many people choose to prepare a hookah with this ideal mixture of sweet and tart lemon blended with crisp, delightful mint, and for a good reason—you can never go wrong! There will always be a place in Lemon Mint’s heart for you, whether you’re a mixing fanatic or prefer your cigarettes a la carte.


The Fumari Bakery is responsible for our third-place ranking! Do you know that aroma of freshly baked blueberry muffins makes you want to linger and take it all in? Blueberry Muffin pays respect to the fact that we do as well. The love and support we’ve received since introducing this taste to the globe are immeasurable, and it’s still available today! The contrast between the sweet blueberry esco bars flavors and the almost nutty muffin texture in the smoke, which makes it ideal for mornings, afternoons, and dessert smoking, makes this hookah flavor so beloved.

  • WGB

Since we were first established, WGB has been the people’s favorite and our signature hookah flavor. One of the most well-known hookah tastes of all time, this concoction of delightful pineapple and bright, zesty citrus is associated with great hookah sessions along with Ambrosia Shisha worldwide. The taste is what distinguishes this flavor from others, though. You may suddenly return to more carefree days when tension didn’t pay rent in your brain with just one smoke. You may imagine nostalgia in the shape of smoke and have a bowl of WGB.

Final Verdict

Ambrosia, a supposed gift from the Greek gods, is considered an elixir of immortality. We cannot confirm or reject the rumor, but we know this mix will likely outlive all of us and has firmly cemented its place at number two. Everyone continues returning to Ambrosia hookah because of our unidentified taste combination. Some claim it’s chewy candy. It’s a creamy melon, according to some people. Even the flavor has been described as a tart marshmallow. Although the verdict is still out, this taste has often provided fantastic times with friends and even better clouds.

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