From the charity event to the fashion house: the story of the rise of the Met Gala

Every year on the first Monday in May, all eyes are on the Metropolitan Museum of Art. How the stars will make the red carpet of Met Gala drunk. This Met Gala is one of the biggest and most glamorous events in fashion at present.

Met does not want to look at the gala, hen star find burden. But in the beginning this fashion event was a ‘charity event’. At that time, anyone could walk on the red carpet for 50, join the dinner. Today the entrance fee is 35 thousand dollars or 30 lakh 25 thousand rupees. And dinner? That’s just for the stars. From charity fashion events to the most popular fashion events in the world; The story behind the rise of the Met Gala is no . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .less thrilling.

The Met Gala was started by fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert. The Costume Institute, established in 1948, was the cradle of new and old costumes. Designers from major New York theaters used to come here to find inspiration for new designs. When talented, hardworking designers are coming together, how about bringing them under one umbrella? The ‘Met Gala’ started from that plan.

Although at first its name was not ‘Met Gala’. Eleanor Lambert invited the New York elite to the ‘Party of the Year’! Where the entrance fee was only ৫০ 50. And the dress code? Anyone can dress up as their own. The first official Met Gala was held in December 1948 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. And its entire income goes to the Costume Institute fund. Seeing the success of the first year, the Costume Institute and the Metropolitan Museum of Art started organizing ‘Party of the Year’ in the same way every year. French-American fashionista Diana Vriland changed the definition of the Met Gala, which was held at different venues until 1981.

In 1973, Diana Vriland became a special consultant for the Costume Institute. Then he started to bring various changes. The biggest change in the venue. Instead of fighting for venues in different locations each year, he finalized the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a permanent venue. At the same time, he started inviting the elites of New York as well as the stars of the entertainment world. The entrance fee is increased to ড 100. Met removed from December and brought Gala in April-May.

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