‘Free lens removal so you don’t have to watch Manchester United game’

Manchester United players and supporters must not be upset after digesting 4 goals against Liverpool at Anfield. Moksham is a thorn in his side! Spectacle maker Specksavers said in a post on their Twitter account that it was offering free lens removal to all ManU fans so that the Red Devils could no longer watch the game.
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Manchester United conceded two goals in the first half of an English Premier League high voltage match at Anfield. The All Reds forced the Red Devils to pick up the ball twice more from their own net in the second half. But before that, the spectacle maker Specksavers seemed to be able to predict the outcome of the game. Within the break of the first half, the company posted a fancy offer on Twitter. They will remove the lens of free United supporters! They will only remove the lens from the glasses when you go to the nearest showroom, that too for free! However, the Red Devil supporters may not be happy with such an offer. Because, as it was written in the bottom line of the post, they have given this offer for free so that you don’t have to watch the game of Manchester United anymore.

Red Devil supporters are also angry at this ruthless joke. They said in a comment that Specksavers golf galaxy could lose the trust of customers due to such jokes. Many have reacted angrily. Responding to an outcry from an organization that seems to have nothing to do with the team’s poor performance, Manchester United fans will no longer go to Specksavers. Latte will be your London branch!

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