France should be compensated by the US if it cannot buy gas from Russia

France should be compensated by the US if it cannot buy gas from Russia. Marie Le Pen, France’s presidential candidate and far-right leader, said the United States should compensate for the damage caused by EU pressure if EU member states were forced to ban energy imports from Russia. France should be compensated by the US.

Lee Penn made the remarks in an interview with the BFM television channel. He said that if Russia banned energy. The United States would sell liquefied natural gas to France and Washington would make a profit from it. The United States should compensate France for this profit.

France should be compensated by the US


In an interview, Le Pen made it clear that the United States was pressuring the European Union to impose sanctions on Russia’s energy. That is why the European Union has imposed a number of sanctions on Russia. However, after the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the US government has become the most vocal.

Le Pen said that if the United States succeeds in forcing the European Union to ban gas imports from Russia. France will have to pay a very high price for gas to the United States. The US energy companies will not consider the plight of the French people in any way but will look after their business interests. Le Pen also noted that US traders are eagerly awaiting huge profits from gas exports by raising prices.



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