Four Ukrainians were shot dead by Russian soldiers while fleeing

Sergei Haidai, head of the Luhansk region, said four Ukrainians had been shot dead by Russian troops as they fled the city of Kremlin. Another person was injured in the incident.

The Luhansk regional head said this based on preliminary information. News from the BBC.

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He alleged that Russian troops opened fire on civilians trying to flee the city in a car.

For the second day in a row, there is no humanitarian corridor for Ukrainian civilians to leave the city safely.

Haidai warned the people in a statement, “Don’t go out where you are.” Don’t try to run away from Kremina, it’s risky.

He said the Russians had taken “control” of the city and that fighting was still going on. As a result, it is now impossible to evacuate anyone safely from the city.

On February 24, Russia launched an offensive in Ukraine to defend the Donbass region. Since then, Moscow has targeted the east, launching a series of attacks in various parts of the country, including Kiev.

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