Forgetting the history of Real, Guardiola in front of the new history

Real Madrid is the most successful club in the history of the UEFA Champions League. English club Manchester City will play against them in the semi-final. Citizens coach Pep Guardiola does not want to look at Real’s past history before taking to the field in this fight.

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Of course, he himself stands on the threshold of history. In the meantime, Guardiola has twice sent Real out of the knockout stages of the Champions League. This time, as the first coach in the world, he has a chance to get Real out of the knockout for the third time.

The first leg of the semi-final will be played at the Etihad Stadium, the home ground of Man City, on Tuesday at 1pm Bangladesh time. Man City coach Guardiola wants to make every effort to defeat Real. Instead of looking at the history of Real, he is more focused on playing as a team.

“If we have to fight with Real’s history, we have no chance,” said Guardiola. There is a desire to compete against them. Playing against them is an incredible test and we want to try that. We will suffer when we suffer, but we will be together. I will try to do my best. ‘

Real and Man City have met in six Champions League matches so far. The past figures are exactly the same. Where both teams have won by two, the remaining two matches have been drawn. However, in the last three matches, Man City has not lost to the 13-time champions Real.

On the other hand, Man City coach Guardiola has a lot of past success against Real. Guardiola left Real for Barcelona in the semi-finals of the 2010-11 season and for Man City in the second round of the 2019-20 season. If successful again, the third time Real’s farewell bell will ring in Guardiola’s hands.

Despite standing in front of history, Guardiola reminded that footballers will play on the field. So no matter what happens to the two coaches Pep Guardiola and Carlo Ancelotti off the field, the main difference will be the performance on the field.

Guardiola’s comment: ‘The game will be against eleven men and one ball. The players will decide. The plan is certainly made but it is a fight of eleven people against eleven people. The players will make the difference. This game will not be won by the players, Carlo or me.

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