Food Safety Temperatures and the Coolroom Danger Zone

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Food safety is an important part of everyday life, but it is especially important for industrial-sized food manufacturing and delivery companies, where spoilage means not only lost profits but also significant risks to consumers. If you own a food business, we offer the cool room hire Sunshine Coast needs. Refrigeration is one of the best ways to preserve food nowadays, though even this method is not completely foolproof.

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Food Safety Temperature

Food stuff should ideally be kept at 5°C or below, or above 60°C, to avoid what is known as the ‘temperature danger zone,’ which is a small temperature margin where bacteria multiply fastest and spoilage occurs. Meeting food safety temperatures and staying within the coolroom danger zone become even more important when handling large amounts of raw or pre-cooked food, as is the case in most industrial-grade meat processing and delivery factories, as well as most major fast food chains.

Use a Freezer or a Refrigerator

When it comes to food safety, one of the most important tools for ensuring that food doesn’t spoil quickly is the freezer or refrigerator. Freezers and refrigerators can range from small, personal fridges to massive industrial-grade freezing rooms, depending on the type of food being stored, its relative size, and its overall purpose.

Be Careful of Large Freezers

When it comes to food safety temperatures and the coolroom danger zone, however, the larger the freezer, the more difficult it is to maintain an even, consistent temperature that is as close to 5°C or below to prevent the growth of pathogens that may spoil food and endanger a consumer’s health. Large, industrial-grade freezers and coolers have significantly more precise and complex machinery to address this quandary. Refrigerators with accurate thermostats and near-infallible temperature control systems are required to ensure that the temperature of stored food especially raw meat and pre-cooked fast food remains as close to sub-zero as possible. 

Do Not Let the Temperature Fluctuate

This may appear to be overkill for simple industrial-grade use, but when the relative cost of spoiled food and the risk of illnesses caused by improperly stored foodstuffs are considered, high-end freezers and coolers are well worth the expense and complexity. When it comes to food safety temperatures and the coolroom danger zone, any freezer or cooler whose overall temperature fluctuates above the standard 5°C poses a significant risk to overall food safety and sanitation. Maintaining an even temperature throughout that space to ensure impeccable storage, preservation, and safety can be difficult because some industrial-grade coolers and freezers are significantly larger than the average home-style refrigerator. This is particularly true in the absence of specialized equipment such as foggers, ultra-precise thermostats, and air-tight locks.

Get Professional Assistance

Of course, maintaining such freezers in top condition ensures better and longer overall performance, which is only possible with professional assistance. If you work in the food industry and are looking for the best freezing storage equipment, repair, and general maintenance, Kleer Cold Room is your best bet! We provide a wide range of industrial-grade freezing and storage equipment, as well as modifications, repairs, and general maintenance. We’re the go-to company for your safe food storage needs, with years of experience behind us!

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