Fon Dyke advises not to take the pressure to win four trophies

Liverpool have the potential to win all four titles this season. The former champions have reached the final of the FA Cup. At the same time, Liverpool will play against Villarreal in the semi-finals of the Champions League. They are second behind Manchester City in the league and beat Chelsea in February to win the League Cup.

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Liverpool fans are waiting for the remaining three titles. However, the club’s defender Virgil von Dyke urged the team not to take the pressure of winning all the titles of the season. No club in England has won the Quadruple yet.

In an interview with Liverpool’s website on Monday night, von Dyke said: Which is creating additional stress. Everyone’s dream is to achieve that. We go down to play with the hope of winning all the tournaments. There will be efforts to achieve this. Anything can happen. This also applies to other teams.

The return of Fon Dyke was crucial to Liverpool’s remarkable season. Netherlands captain Fon Dyke was sidelined for about 10 months last season with a ligament injury.

Von Dyke said he is enjoying a full recovery. He is looking forward to the best for Liverpool as well as the World Cup.

Von Dyke added, ‘I haven’t played good football in a while. I was a little dull. That is why I am enjoying it more now. I want to hold it. I want to stay fit and win the match. At the same time I want to be ready for the World Cup.

Virgil von Dyke is currently thinking about the English Premier League. Liverpool will take on Manchester United at 1pm on Tuesday.

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