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For the explanation of simple use, the Flowermate V4 is committed rather for new clients. Five presses enact it; three presses set temperatures. It can’t be any more straightforward! Three LED lights structure an essential presentation that shows the right now set temperature. Blue addresses the least temperature 196 °C, green goes for 205 °C, and red is 215 °C. Such a choice is sufficient, however I for one would favor a more extensive one, with additional choices. With respect to blue setting, 195 °C is a moderately high beginning stage. It is just in light of the fact that the standard beginning stage sits at 180 °C as vaporizers produce a characteristic spice flavor at this temperature.


Cleaning is very easy. With just enough brush included, you can undoubtedly reach and clean the chamber pound, including the mouthpiece. Occasionally, it is important to plunge the mouthpiece into an answer of isopropyl liquor. This assists with disposing of gathered soil and stays of utilized material. Subsequently, cleaning is all over exceptionally straightforward and easy to use.


The Flowermate V4 is a minuscule gadget. I would have, subsequently, expected that the battery duration would be simply normal. Notwithstanding, one full re-energize was enough for around five appropriate meetings. In this way, taking into account the size, I was genuinely amazed.

The battery can’t be eliminated, however that isn’t an imperfection thinking about the size and cost of this model. Charging is finished by utilizing the standard miniature USB connector. It takes under an hour to completely charge the battery. Also Check: WPC2027 live dashboard

The warming framework and the size of the chamber

Basically every vaporizer, that is viewed as modest, has a clay conduction chamber. However, the chamber in this model marginally varies. Its size is reasonable for individual use and can’t be changed. I, honestly, don’t see a justification for why it ought to be movable. You can squeeze around 0.1 g of material into the chamber.

The warming time is around 20 seconds, which is extremely noteworthy! Know that you can vape dry spices with this gadget!

The nature of fumes

I should concede that this gadget flabbergasted me right at the primary attempt! The taste is shockingly more unmistakable than you can insight with other versatile vaporizers and the progression of the air shocks with its effortlessness. However still, in the event that you wish to have a more grounded opposition, you can cover the information openings. As a general rule, the creation of fumes is great, yet not stunning.

There is a cooling way made of zircon which is worked inside the mouthpiece, and it really chills off the fumes before they arrive at your mouth. The way is totally secluded from the hardware, which is commendable.

Taking into account its size, the Flowermate V4 turns into a top dog with regards to the nature of fumes.

How tactful is it?

It weighs just 52 grams. On the off chance that this isn’t fulfilling enough, I am don’t know what ought to be as it is little and light!

Its aspects are just 3by 9.2 by 2 centimeters. It is more modest than the Pax 3 and basically the same as the DaVinci MIQRO. Thusly it turns out to be exceptionally unmistakable as you would wish. The possibly slight bad mark is the smell delivered when being used. isn’t quite areas of strength for so in the event that you would smoke, yet it is adequately still to fill a normal sizeroom.

For whom is it reasonable?

The Flowermate V4 is an extraordinary gadget for the individuals who are novices or new to vaping. Utilizing is basic, and the vaporizer is profoundly powerful with its particular properties. In the event that you are on the chase after a vaporizer that meets these measures, go for this one!

Besides, because of its usefulness, more experienced clients, who favor a portable, ultralight spice vaporizer, will find it satisfying as well.

Additionally, in the event that you don’t want to burn through an over the top measure of money, this gadget will acquire your feelings. Nonetheless, the battery lifetime and the size of the chamber won’t be fulfilling for weighty clients.


Taking into account its size and low value, this little gadget stands apart as an extremely intriguing item. In spite of the fact that it is outfitted with a conduction framework, it creates genuinely telling flavor. On the off chance that you are searching for perhaps of the littlest vaporizer available, you ought to think about this one. Then again, on the off chance that you fall into the gathering of weighty clients and vape frequently, this gadget won’t be your favorite.


In the event that you are after a modest vaporizer that is finely fabricated, the Flowermate V4 turns into the best decision. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are a customary vaper, toss in an additional money to purchase a higher-class gadget.


+ Unmistakable plan
+ Essentially functional with one button
+ Great nature of fume
+ Low cost


– Too little chamber
– Just three pre-set temperatures values

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