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It’s simple to see why the V4 dry herb vaporizer is an excellent alternative for anyone searching for a quality vaping experience on the go at an inexpensive price.


Using a single power button, the Flowermate V4 manages both the power and temperature range of the device. With the Flowermate, vaporizing is a cinch. After you’ve loaded the chamber, switch on the device. The device is ready to use within 30 seconds. We’ve done a comprehensive study of the V4. Flowermate’s colorful V4 vape is a terrific way to get started with vaporizers and is both gentle on the lungs and inexpensive.

Evaporation isn’t safe

Your aromatic mixtures will be vaporized by the Flowermate thanks to the device’s utilization of conduction heat. To guarantee that your substance is uniformly evaporated, the ceramic heating chamber has been constructed with no stirring in mind.

Battery life is quite long

The Flowermate V4 is fueled by two 18650 batteries that provide up to 2 hours and 30 minutes of vaporization. This portable vaporizer has some of the finest battery life on the market. Even more convenient is the USB charging and pass-through functionality of the V4, which allows you to keep vaping while the battery is being charged.

Quality of vapor

The Flowermate V4 has a comfortable airflow and a smooth vapor. The glass stem cools the vapor well, even in a device with limited airflow. When completely filled, the V4 is capable of delivering a few dozen puffs of taste.

3 temperature options

There are three optimal vaporization temperature settings for the V4, which are 385°F/195oC, 400°F/205oC, and 415F/212oC. There is no need to worry about your technique since the temperature controls have been designed to keep you safe. Check out the instruction manual for more information.

Construction of the highest caliber

It has a ceramic heating chamber, Pyrex stem, and an anodized aluminum exterior in your choice of 6 colors.

It’s universally applicable

Because it is powered via USB, the Flowermate may be used anywhere over the globe. Any USB wall socket, power bank or computer may be used to charge if necessary.

Small enough to fit in a pocket

You can slip the Flowermate inside your pocket and it appears like a battery pack. When not in use, the loading chamber and stem are concealed in sliding sections for a clean appearance and little odor.

Little or no upkeep required

The Flowermate’s cleaning process is simple. After each usage, clean the oven and chamber screens using a brush and Isopropyl alcohol with a cotton swab.


Flowermate vaporizers are sold only by us. There is a one-year manufacturer’s fault guarantee and a 90-day battery warranty included with your vape. You’re also protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which applies to anything you buy from Planet Of The Vapes.

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